Will the wedding be shown on HGTV?
Drew Scott and Linda Phan
Credit: Linda Phan via Instagram

Drew Scott of Property Brothers stole our hearts renovating homes on HGTV. As expected, his skills have charmed someone else-his fiancée Linda Phan. The couple got engaged in December of last year, and are now in the midst of wedding planning. What does the pair have in store? You'll have to wait and see.

When asked by E! News if his wedding would be broadcast on television, Scott kept coy. "I don't know. We get proposed everything all the time. I think one of the reasons why our brand has grown is because we never close any opportunity," he said. "We are open to anything and then we sort of move forward from there. What Linda and I know is that we haven't set our date yet but we know we want to do destinations so we're trying to search for destinations."

Destinations, plural? We're dying to know more. But the couple seems to be taking things slow, and for very good reasons. Both are busy with Scott's spinoff show, Property Brothers at Home: Drew's Honeymoon House. Scott previously told E! News: "Let me tell you, we're on a plane every two days, whether we're flying somewhere for an appearance or QVC or for our product line or filming. We're filming three shows in different cities. It's tough, but Linda and I are excited." He also asked show-watchers to be understanding of the big moment in his life. "I'm hoping that all of our fans and the network will understand if I need to take a week of personal time to get married."

Just don't wait too long, Scott! "Don't pressure him. It took him seven years to propose," Jonathan Scott, the renovator's twin, told E! News. "If I wait another seven years to marry her, I would be kicked to the curb," the groom-to-be confirmed.


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