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"It's a common misconception that you need to wear heavy eye makeup for it to show up in photographs," says New York City makeup artist Kimara Ahnert. "Instead, it should be more defined." A combination of eye shadows in light, medium, and deep tones can help make eyes stand out. Here's a simple technique.

Start with a Base

Dust your eyelid from lash line to brow bone with an eye shadow that's slightly lighter than your skin tone. This helps even out any discoloration on your lid and bringseyes forward so they won't appear sunken.

Create Depth

A medium-tone shadow in the crease, applied with a fluffy tapered brush, adds dimension. "Dark colors will make eyes look smaller in pictures," says New York City makeup artist Nicole Randelman.

Highlight the Shape

Use a dark eye shadow for lining along the top lids and a soft taupe or brown for the bottom. "This makes eyes appear more open," says New York City makeup artist and salon owner Eva Scrivo. Dot the color between lashes instead of drawing a line. Mascara and individual false lashes on the outer corners have a dramatic effect.

Add Shimmer

"A shimmery shadow or pencil can brighten eyes," says Ahnert. Dab it on either the outer corner of the eye, the inner corner, the brow bone, or on the center of the lid.

The colors at left are lovely for many skin tones. Use the lightest shade for the base, the medium for the crease, and the darkest for lining. Soft pinks are pretty on fair skin: Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in 1 Rose Confetti, 2 Honey Drop, and 3 Bronze Cube, each $20. For olive skin, try browns or bronze: Chantecaille Lasting Eyeshadow in 4 Cinnamon and 5 Opal, and 6 Chantecaille Shine Eye Shade in Pyrite, each $24. Plums are nice for darker skin: Stila Eyeshadow in 7 Poise, 8 Shell, and 9 Viola, each $16. Tarte Easy Crease Eyeshadow Brush, $23. The products at right add shimmer: 10 Benefit "Mr. Frosty" eye pencil, $16; 11 Delux Beauty Liquid Pearl Luminizer Lotion, $32; 12 LORAC Oil-free Luminizer L2, $28; 13 LORAC Eye Shadow in Shimmer, $16; 14 LORAC Oil-free Luminizer L1, $28; 15 Dior So Cheek! Light So Bright (#018; for eyes too), $30; 16 Estee Lauder Pure Color Cool Eye Mousse in Cool Coconut, $20.

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