The actor spoke out about his new marriage.
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell at wedding
Credit: Kate Mara via Instagram

Jamie Bell and Kate Mara have kept famously quiet about their new marriage. They announced their union with an understated Instagram, and only just recently did they show off their wedding rings. But now, Bell is opening up about their relationship. The actor was recently featured on the cover of Evening Standard magazine, and his accompanying interview shines light on why he and Mara wed.

Bell reveals that he and Mara hit it off after starring together in Fantstic Four. "There was an instant connection, like we'd known one another forever," Bell admitted. "It was obvious very quickly that we were going to get married."

The interview noted that the pair briefly collaborated before the filming of Fantastic Four. Apparently, the two once kissed for a screen chemistry test-funnily enough, they didn't get the roles!

Bell also took time to admire his wife for her hard work and her cool head. Though Mara comes from a famous (and wealthy) football family, she doesn't ever flaunt it, he said. "She doesn't walk with a sense of privilege," he explained. "She's carved out a name for herself, just as her sister has. All of her siblings are successful in their own right. I really admire that."


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