Jen Carreiro of Something Turquoise has a passion for making and giving unique gifts, and a bridal shower presents the perfect opportunity to do so. Here, she corralled her favorite DIY takeaways—from her blog and others—that suit a variety of party themes. Simply follow the tutorials, and delight your guests.
Courtesy of Sugar and Charm

DIY Donut Boxes

Cost: Around $2 each

Not only are donuts delicious, but they're also totally trending (taste buds, rejoice!). Order your favorite donuts from your local bakery (with sprinkles and frosting that match your bridal shower theme), download Sugar and Charm's free labels, and package the gifts up the morning of your event. Although originally designed as Valentine's Day treats, I think these are just perfect for a bridal shower or even an engagement party. Your friends will love to take this sweet with them to go.

Courtesy of Something Turquoise

Glitter Wooden Spoons

Perfect For: A baking- or cooking-themed shower

Cost: Around $4 each

These chic, shining spoons would be a fitting detail at your culinary-themed shower. I share exactly how to make these using inexpensive wooden spoons and Martha Stewart's amazing glitter-without shedding a single sparkle. Give these to your guests, and they'll be thrilled to stir their next dish in style!


Fresh Flower Bouquets

Perfect For: A bridal garden party

Cost: Around $10 each

Set up your very own "flower mart" by raiding the local Farmer's Market and letting your ladies assemble their own bunches of blooms to take home and enjoy! You'll need a roll of craft paper or plastic baggies, twine, scissors, cute tags, and large containers of at least five to seven different flowers (assume that each guest will take five stems). Print a sign that reads "Assemble your own bouquet," and encourage them to do so on their way home.

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Courtesy of Something Turquoise

Homemade Nail Polish

Perfect For: A spa-themed bridal shower

Cost: Around $150 for the entire DIY bar and décor

This is my absolute favorite shower favor idea-ever. Let your guests make their very own shade of nail polish as a gift! It's super easy to concoct this nail polish using high-quality supplies, and I share everything you will need on my site. A wonderful interactive element, a nail polish bar will get your guests up and having fun together, which is always important for a successful party.

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