Calling all Bachelor fans!
Rachel Lindsey
Credit: Rachel Lindsay via Instagram

Good news, Bachelor fans! Waiting for the new season of The Bachelorette just got a little easier thanks to the show's producer, who tweeted a few first look images from Rachel Lindsay's season. Best of all: The photos show that the newest Bachelorette will be wearing bridal-appropriate white!

The producer, Mike Fleiss, live tweeted the taping of the first night yesterday, taking viewers through the entire process, starting with Rachel's arrival at the Bachelor mansion in Agoura Hills, California, and the contestants mingling. The Dallas-based lawyer stunned in a patterned white dress with a halter neckline, but if her past interviews are any indication, she may have struggled to select the style. "I'm not so traditional," she said on Women Tell All. "I prefer not to wear a dress and wear a tuxedo. But I'm going to wear a dress. It's traditional. But if I wore a tuxedo, no shirt underneath, just sexy and classy-if you see me in a typical dress, know I'm wearing that tux in spirit." Noted!

The first image Fleiss shared is of Rachel exiting her limo. "Lights, cameras, limos… #The Bachelorettte," he captioned.

Before the men arrived, Fleiss shared a picture of Rachel, host Chris Harrison, and himself outside of the iconic Bachelor mansion. "Let's do it!!! #The Bachelorette."

Fleiss even gave us a peek into the infamous cocktail hour, where Rachel's contestants mingled over drinks.

Just before the night began, Fleiss tweeted that he thinks Rachel will be "one of the Top 3 Bachelorettes of all time." If the producer of the show says it, then it has to be true! We loved this first look, but we can't wait until the season premiere of The Bachelorette on May 22, 2017.


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