She's only keeping mum about certain big-day details.
Shanina Shaik and DJ Ruckus

Shanina Shaik is keeping mostly mum while prepping for her wedding to DJ Ruckus. Nevertheless, the Victoria's Secret model has been open about one topic: her pre-nuptial self-care.

"I'm keeping [my wedding details] to myself" she told Coveteur, excluding her pre-wedding health and beauty regimen. "I am consistently very healthy, and I eat quite clean, but as I get closer to the wedding, I'm doing more facials and spa treatments and taking a lot more skincare vitamins," she revealed. She also added that she hits the gym near daily-something her fiancé takes part in her workouts, too. "My fiancé helps a lot; he keeps my confidence up and keeps me going," she shared. "It always helps when you have good girlfriends or your partner to work out with."

As for other big-day details, Shaik's staying true to her word about staying silent. Other than keeping healthy, "it's just day by day in the planning process to get the wedding done," she said discreetly. Don't be mistaken, though-she is excited. "As it gets closer and closer, it's getting surreal," she confirmed. And while we don't know when the ceremony will take place, all signs point to soon. While recently attending a wedding together, the couple took to Instagram with the caption "We are next."

Shaik and her fiancé revealed their engagement on social media in January 2016. "We're best friends, and we're obviously very much in love, and we have lots of fun with each other. We understand each other's life and career, and I think that's important as well. I was super happy and so excited that he asked me to marry him," she told Ocean Drive of the proposal. Back then, Shaik also revealed some hints at what her special day will look like. "I think every girl pretty much dreams about what she would like for her wedding day, but I'm also not very traditional. I actually want a small wedding; I don't want a big, poufy dress. I want to be on a beach. I think those things will definitely happen."

Nontraditional, small, and beachy? We'll take what we can get!


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