The tiny grains can cause big headaches.

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Credit: Kurt Boomer

Beach weddings can be gorgeous—the sound of the waves crashing, picturesque sunsets, the ocean at your back as you say "I do"—but they can provide some logistical concerns when it comes to sand. Mainly, how you can keep it from ending up on everything, and everyone, taking part in your big day? We talked to three wedding professionals about how to keep sand from stealing the show on your wedding day.

Propper Footwear Is Key

When you think about a typical wedding, you think about high heels and fancy shoes. However, when you think about a beach wedding, those are probably the last things you want to have on your feet. Jen Avey of Destination Weddings Travel Group says that if your ceremony is taking place on the beach, you should make sure you guests know ahead of time so they can dress accordingly. "We recommend letting your guests know to leave their stilettos in their hotel room, and encourage them to wear a chic, flat sandal. Same goes for your male guests if your dress code allows it, because no one wants a sand-filled dress shoe." You can do this either on your wedding website or on the invitation itself so that guests are aware before they plan their outfits.

You may still have some guests who arrive with inappropriate beach attire, so Avey recommends keeping a basket of flip-flops accessible for guests who may need them. You can consider making the flip-flops a feature of the ceremony by creating a place for guests to "check" their shoes. Carrie Darling, the owner and designer of Carrie Darling Events, says you can create a fun and interactive station with cubbies and a selection of fun flip-flops to make the whole thing feel like more of an accommodation and less of an afterthought. "You will also want to supply chairs for guests that need to sit to remove their shoes," Darling adds.

Make Removing Sand a Breeze

According to Shannon Tarrant, the founder of Wedding Venue Map, the best way to remove sand from your body is with baby powder. "It removes moisture from your skin and allows that stubborn sand to easily wipe right off," explains Tarrant. Consider keeping some on hand for guests to use as the exit the ceremony but before they enter the reception. Darling also adds that a bucket filled with paint brushes or rolled washcloths could be helpful for guests to be sure and get every last grain.

Get Married Near the Beach Instead

If you're looking for a foolproof plan to keep the sand at bay, consider making the sand a detail and not a feature, by keeping your ceremony beach adjacent. Avey says you can incorporate the beach without having to worry about the sand. "Beachfront gazebos, panoramic piers and sky terraces overlooking the ocean are just a few venue ideas that will keep the sand at bay when celebrating on the beach."


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