Or she'll at least send her love.
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She's written beautiful love songs, watched fans propose at her concerts, and even helped them pop the question onstage. And now, Adele has proven she's the ultimate romantic by agreeing to attend the wedding of two of her fans.

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It all started when the singer spotted a couple dancing in the aisle of her concert at Los Angeles Staples Center "literally like there was no one else here." So, she did what Adele does and invited them to come up on the stage. It turns out, the aisle dancers, named Vince and Ryan, are headed down another aisle next September. Vince invited Adele to the wedding in Montana, and (spoiler) she said yes!

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"I would love to come," she said. Apparently hoping for a serenade from the star herself at the big day, Ryan bravely asked, "What's your rate?" With a smile, Adele replied, "Don't worry I'll do it for free … shall we get a selfie?"

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The whole thing was a dream come true for Vince (literally, he said he dreamed it would happen). Prior to the concert, he decided if it happened, he would ask Adele to be a wedding guest. Before parting ways, Adele told them, "If I don't make it to the wedding for some reason or another, have a wonderful day."

Here's hoping she sticks with her original RSVP. We have a feeling Vince and Ryan will have a place set for her regardless.


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