Don't panic. You're not the only bride to dream she forgot to put on her wedding dress.
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They say that dreams offer clues to the subconscious, but when you're planning a wedding, you may find that your dreams offer more clues to your biggest wedding-day fears than anything else. You might suffer from some terrifying nightmares, or you might find that you learn a lesson about details to double check when you wake. Whichever reason is the root of your night terrors, you're bound to spend at least a few nights tossing and turning before the wedding day. To help you prepare, here are a few anxiety-ridden dreams most soon-to-be-brides have.

The one related to the guest list.

So many women wake up in a panic worrying that they told their guests the wrong date, so no one shows up for the wedding. A similar nightmare? The one when you show up at the wrong venue, and all your guests are someplace else partying it up without you. You may even dream that guests you don't know or your exes arrive to witness the ceremony. Hey, we've heard it all.

The one with the misplaced details.

Whether it's that your tables and chairs didn't show up or that the rings are missing on the wedding day, it's common lose sleep fretting over the details. The best thing you can do to combat these nightmares is to remain extremely organized. You'll sleep better knowing you've got everything in order.

The one with the wedding dress.

This can be a recurring bad dream, and it can happen in many different forms. Of course, there's the one where your wedding dress is damaged or ruined, the one where you end up with someone else's gown, the one where a wedding dress of any kind is missing, and the one where you somehow end up walking down the aisle naked. Waking up knowing that your beautiful gown is hanging in your closet or with your seamstress can be all it takes to feel better.

The one where the food gets ruined.

Maybe your caterer shows up late, the food is inedible, or your wedding cake comes crashing to the floor. None of these dreams are fun, but unfortunately there's not a whole lot you can do to put them off.

The one where something is wrong... but you don't know what.

Of all the wedding-related nightmares to have, this one can leave you feeling unsettled for days. You're searching for something that's missing, or tying to resolve some problem related to the wedding, but you just can't figure out what it is. Don't let yourself get thrown off, it's just classic pre-wedding jitters.


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