24 Creative Wedding Exit Toss Ideas

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Celebrate your newlywed status with these festive ideas.

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Collin Hughes

Ever wonder why people throw rice at newlywed couples at weddings? This post-ceremony practice has been around since ancient Roman times and isn't just a festive way of ending a wedding—it actually symbolizes showering the bride and groom with abundance and fertility. Don't want to use rice? Or maybe you don't want a baby right away? Borrow other ideas from around the world.

In France, wedding guests throw wheat, a symbol of bounty, after the ceremony. Italians rain candy and sugared nuts over couples, for sweetness in marriage. For something a little less traditional, give your guests flower petals or paper airplanes to toss, or choose biodegradable confetti, which is even easier to clean up. Don't want to get pelted with anything? (We don't blame you.) Offer attendees flags instead, which they can wave as you make your grand exit—they just might make for an even better wedding photo.

Of course, the decision not to throw rice, confetti, or rose petals might not be up to you. Be sure to check with your venue to make sure that the exit toss, is, in fact, allowed. If not, don't fret! Much like flags, bicycle bells make the perfect celebratory send off—ask guests to ring the bells as you dash into the getaway car. Bubbles are another fun alternative, which simultaneously pay homage to your childhood as you mark this new time in your life. For more ideas, get inspired by how these real couples kicked off married life.

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Elizabeth Messina Photography

Go the traditional route and have guest toss rice at the end of your ceremony like this couple did at their Irish destination wedding. "Creating a feeling of merriment was very important to us," said the groom.

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Paper Airplanes

Jennifer Emerling

Friends and family sent paper-airplane programs flying when these newlyweds were introduced as husband and wife. The planes were a nod to the two years the couple dated long-distance.

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Flower Petals

Rachel Thurston

At the end of this wedding ceremony, guests tossed white rose petals at the newlyweds. The petals were stashed in paper bags stamped with "Shower the Foleys" in the same calligraphy style as their invites.

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Dried Lavender

Elisabeth Millay

Long live the newlyweds! The French saying adorned glassine envelopes of lavender for guests to toss at the bride and groom as they recessed up the aisle at their South Carolina wedding.

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Bicycle Bells

Millie Holloman

"We both love biking around Nantucket and wanted to include as many nods to this as we could," the bride said. "We were planning on giving bike bells with custom labels in the welcome baskets, but Jonny thought it might be fun to have everyone ring them as we came out of the church. It was perfect."

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Fragrant Herbs

Jordi Reig - Jordan Van Aken

At this upstate New York wedding, baskets of lavender, thyme, mint, and rosemary were set out with paper cones that guests were asked to stuff. After the "I Dos" everyone tossed the fragrant herbs, showering the couple during the recessional.

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Natalie Shelton

Guests waved hand-made "Yeehaw!" pennants during this newlywed's recessional at their Texas wedding.

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Oversize Confetti

Matt Gillis Photography

Mini striped envelopes sealed with red "Toss Me" stickers held oversized confetti for guests to throw at the end of this wedding in New York.

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Rainbow Confetti

Mr. Haack

Massive amounts of rainbow confetti was tossed as the bride and groom recessed up the aisle. "Even though we knew it was coming, I think we were unprepared for the actual effect," said the bride. "It felt like we had just won So You Think You Can Dance." As for the groom, he had completely forgotten about the confetti exit, and was totally surprised when it happened.

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Jose Villa

Since this couple didn't want to leave any litter at the site of their ceremony, they set out to find something organic for guests to toss during the recessional. They decided to use popcorn, and placed the biodegradable snack in muslin bags stamped with a design by Brown Linen Design.

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Toy Guns

Q Weddings

Instead of clapping or tossing confetti, this couple's wedding guests were asked to fire off toy guns when the newlyweds kissed and as they walked up the aisle.

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Stephanie Bassos Photography

Bubbles and bubbly (Spanish Cava) were on hand for this celebration, which started as soon as the ceremony wrapped.

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Bells and Ribbons

Beth & Ty In Love

Bells topped off ribbon wands for guests to wave as these newlyweds walked up the aisle as husband and wife. Tags attached to each read: "When the bride and groom walk your way, wave your wand and shout hooray!"

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Personalized Hankies


This couple screen-printed hankies with their wedding date and the word "Yippee!" and gave them to their guests to wave in celebration.

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Paper Streamers

Ampersand Studios

The bride added a festive touch to her programs by using washi tape to attach little bags of paper streamers for the guests to toss as she and her groom walked up the aisle.

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Erin Kunkel

Guests at this wedding tossed rosemary, a symbol of love dating back to the Middle Ages. The bride stuffed the herbs inside the pouches of the programs she designed herself.

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Paper Flags


What better way to end a nautical-inspired wedding than by waving white paper flags?

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Biodegradable Confetti

Johnny Miller

In lieu of rice or regular paper confetti, this bride took the environmentally friendly route, stuffing glassine bags with biodegradable confetti.

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Eastern Snowball Bush Petals

Michelle Gardella Photography

For a lovely solo shot, this bride blew eastern snowball bush petals from the palms of her hands.

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Pink Maracas

Katie Stoops Photography

Instead of tossing something, guests at this wedding in Palm Springs shook pink maracas as the couple walked back up the aisle as man and wife.

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Airplane Shaped Confetti

Erin Hearts Court

The bride's maid of honor found airplane-shaped confetti for guests to toss after this ceremony in Bali.

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Streamers on Sticks

Laura Murray Photography

The bride DIY'ed streamer wands for guests to wave during the recessional, and guests received a copy of this group shot in the thank-you cards.

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Rebekah Molloy

During this couple's recessional, invitees tossed birdseed on the newlyweds from cones the groom's mother made out of pages from vintage books.

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Natural Confetti

Aaron Dyer

Opt for eco-friendly, "natural" confetti, like this mix of daisies, yellow rose petals, white rose petals, ivy, and lavender (which also happen to symbolize friendship, purity, fidelity, and devotion and luck, respectively).

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