The actor married his longtime boyfriend in New York City this weekend.
Dan Amboyer and Eric Berger Wedding

Major congratulations are in order for Younger star Dan Amboyer, who married his longtime boyfriend, Eric P. Berger, in New York City this weekend, and publicly shared his relationship status-and the fact that he is gay-for the first time with fans. Just days after his the couple's fall wedding, the actor opened up to People about coming out and starting a new life with Berger.

Amboyer said that, although he and Berger have been together for over a decade, he's struggled with taking their relationship public. "Being a young actor in the industry, I had a lot of people who strongly advised me to stay quiet," Amboyer explained. "That was hard to live with." But, Amboyer's now-husband understood his hesitation. "I've always thought of this component as a personal decision and a business decision for him," Berger said. "It has been difficult at times not having his public persona integrated in all parts of our lives, but I've never pushed him to come out publicly."

For the couple, there was no better way to celebrate Amboyer's public coming out than with a spectacular wedding. After an intimate ceremony at Marble Collegiate Church, the duo invited their guests to a house party-style reception in the Meatpacking District. "We wanted a unique wedding experience," Amboyer said, on the decision to keep things casual. "We just wanted everyone to have a lot of fun and not have anything feel too stiff or formal." Not so casual? Their first dance. The pair recruited Beyoncé choreographer Jeffrey Page to upgrade their dance floor moves. After, everyone enjoyed Magnolia Bakery confections for dessert.

Amboyer and Berger also revealed details from their sweet (but chilly!) proposal, which took place on the top of Overlook Mountain in Woodstock, New York. "I was like, 'This is the coldest day of the year! Why are we hiking up this mountain right now?!' said Amboyer. "I was so confused why we were the only people on the trail but when we got to the top, he turned around and had this nervous look in his eye. I was like, 'What is happening?!' and then he pulled out the ring. It was very sweet." Amboyer also revealed that he and his husband envision a family in their future. "I want to live my life moving forward with integrity and pride. We might start a family one day I would feel so strangely if I didn't celebrate that with all of my family and friends and share that with the fans. This is just the beginning of a wonderful future," said the actor.


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