There's no shortage of delicious sips and bites to serve during the winter.

By Alyssa Brown
January 11, 2018
Credit: Lauren Jonas

Winter weddings are inherently cozy, romantic events, but the date is only part of what makes them so. The other part comes from the environment you and your significant other create, whether that's achieved with décor and flowers or your music and food. The latter is one of the easiest ways to make your seasonal wedding feel warm and inviting. To set the right tone, start with wintry, warming food and drink from the moment your celebration begins. To help you serve a crowd-pleasing array of bites, we're sharing some of our favorite sweet and savory options that are perfect for your cold-weather celebration.

A Pasta Course

Your favorite Italian fare may be too heavy for a spring or summer wedding, but guests will love digging into a plate of pasta during the winter. Serve something rich and comforting, like ravioli bursting with cheese and in-season veggies.

S'mores Kits

S'mores kits are a fun and interactive winter wedding treat. Just add a campfire for guests to do their own marshmallow roasting after dinner winds down.

Champagne Cart

There's nothing like a celebratory flute of bubbly to get guests in a festive mood. Champagne carts add an unexpected touch that will have guests chatting (and toasting).

Soup Shooters

Warming soup is a popular cocktail hour hors d'oeuvre during the winter, and yours will be especially well-received if served as a single sip with a miniature grilled cheese perched on top.

Charcuterie Spreads

Giving guests something to nosh on when they first sit down to dinner is a good way to keep them satiated throughout the wedding. A charcuterie and cheese spread is easy to share and allows you to bring in seasonal accompaniments like fresh apricots and spicy fig compote.

Bourbon Bar

A warming winter bourbon bar is a great addition to a wedding in a cold place. Rather than serving bourbon straight up or on the rocks, you might consider bringing in a mixologist to create a short list of bourbon-focused options.


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