Inviting children to the wedding is a matter of personal preference. Still, guests will have opinions.
wedding kids

Some brides and grooms couldn't imagine getting married without their tiny nieces and nephews in the house. Others couldn't imagine getting married with them there. Neither is wrong-it's a matter of personal preference and what your wedding vision is. If you're considering inviting only adults to the wedding, here are some truths you should prepare for.

Parents will either whoop it up or leave early.

Invite some moms and dads of young kids to a wedding and they'll view it as a rare date night, booking a babysitter before they've even sent in the RSVP. Others will make an early exit, anxious to get back to their little ones. With the latter group, don't get mad if they leave as soon as dinner is over, especially if they've got a baby at home.

Other parents may not come to the wedding at all.

It may be too complicated or impractical to attend the wedding without their children. And that's okay. Be gracious and understanding that kids come first.

You can cross off "set up the kids' table" from your to-do list.

No need to go down the toy aisle at Target to stock up on coloring books and mini checkers sets. (Admit it-that would've been fun!) No need to inform the caterer that you'd like six chicken nugget dinners. And, yes, the DJ can spin the explicit versions of songs.

Some parents will want you to explain why the ring bearer and flower girl are at the reception.

You may get cornered by guests who have little ones and question the no-kids policy when clearly there are two kids there. It's your wedding and you get to invite whomever you want, including the youngest members of the wedding party.

The personality that youngsters bring to a party will be missing.

From dancing like mini maniacs to grabbing way too many cupcakes on the dessert table, kids are unpredictable, adorable, and annoying-be certain you're willing to miss this irresistible combination before making your decision.


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