There's nothing quite like a solid reception toast—especially from the groom's best friend.

Is there anything more charming than a best man who's prepared a solid toast? The best men in these weddings, all featured on Love Stories TV, blew us away with their heartfelt speeches, laugh-out-loud funny anecdotes, and all-around preparedness for their buddies' big day. Way to show up, guys! Planning your own reception toast? Get inspired by these incredible examples and start writing.

The best man who throws it back to the night you met.

When the best man just so happens to be the accidental Cupid in the relationship, there's no guarantee he won't tell it like it is when talking about how the bride and groom met-even if it might make them blush from embarassment. This best man made the whole room laugh while telling the tale of how he brought this couple together. This is exactly the type of hilarious speech material you should think about for your own toast. It's the perfect example of how to give a funny speech without roasting the couple.

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The best man who wants to spoil your future babies.

This best man makes one thing clear abundantly clear in his speech: While he wishes the couple well and wants to see their marriage prosper, what he really wants is for them to have children he can spoil. There's no better way to end a best man speech than with honesty and than by leaving a crowd laughing. Something tells us Ali and Austin's kids are going to have one cool uncle.

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The best man who impresses the crowd with his tech skills.

We'd be lying if we said we weren't especially impressed with this best man's toast. First, he takes the guests through the groom's initial thoughts of the bride when the two first met, and then makes the bride feel even more special by tying in technology. He won the couple and the crowd over with his creative planning! This is the kind of personalization that's both heartfelt and entertaining-perfect for a reception toast.

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The best man who is friends with the groom and his bride.

There's no greater feeling than knowing your best friend loves the person you're going to marry! Listening to Alex's best man give this toast, you can tell he not only loves and respects Alex, but he holds Alison in the same regard-and he could not be happier to see them tie the knot.

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