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Wedding planning is no joke. You spend all this time and money on creating your dream day. But, as some say, what's the point in all of that if you don't do anything to preserve those memories? Sure, photos are great, but a video will capture the essence and feel that photos can't quite convey. There are a ton of misconceptions out there about wedding videography, and NST Pictures is here to change your perspective.

Myth 1: Wedding videos are cheesy with dramatic fades and corny guest interviews.

Not true! Wedding videos have done a complete 180, and most of them aren't anything like what you remember (thank goodness!). Graduates from art and film school are using the latest movie-making equipment to create magical, gliding shots and landscape panoramas. The HD cameras are the same size as your photographer's and boast settings that make movement look sharp and skin look smooth. Wedding videos are now a gorgeous, artistic representation of your day.

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Myth 2: Photography is more important, so you should spend more money on it.

False! This is one place where you shouldn't go with your gut. While you may feel this way now, as soon as the wedding is over, you'll be dying to hear your fiancé's trembling voice as he says his vows and that sweet speech your best friend gave. To get a great video, you need an experienced videographer, as much coverage time as your photography package, and a final film that you'll love watching. The cost will likely be equal to your photo budget. This is your family's history-it's worth it!

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Myth 3: The longer the wedding video, the better.

Wrong again! Have you noticed how our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter? Watching everything in a two-hour extravaganza will be fun the first time, but as time passes, the most significant moments will be the ones you want to see: walking down the aisle, the vows, the first kiss, the best speech, parent dances, and cake-cutting. Artistic videographers can wrap these moments up into a pretty little five- to 25-minute wedding video for you to pop in whenever you're feeling festive.

Myth 4: Most couples rarely watch their wedding video.

This might blow your mind. Vimeo statistics show that some couples have watched their highlight videos 2000+ times within a couple of months of their wedding date. You'll watch it when you're celebrating anniversaries. You'll watch it when you're celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed away. You'll watch it when you're celebrating birthdays-especially when there's a new one in your family. Plus, your parents, in-laws, siblings, cousins, friends, and children are going to love traveling back in time to the day you said "I do"!

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