There's a reason the pros refer to spring as "the green season."

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With vegetable gardens coming back to life and fruit trees starting to bloom, spring is undoubtedly the most exciting season for big-day food. If you're planning a spring wedding menu, serving food that speak to the season should be top priority for you and your catering team. Here, we discuss spring's winning flavors with California-based chef Jessica Lasky, owner of the boutique catering company Jessica Lasky Catering.

Fresh Veggies

For a menu that reflects the best of spring, look to the ground, says Lasky. "I call springtime the green season, with all the tender, beautiful asparagus, artichokes, fava beans, and nettles," she explains. Lighter fare tends to be theme of the season, and the pros says more couples want to fill their dishes with plants and greens rather than proteins. "You may want to move away from denser cooking methods, like braising," Lasky adds.

New Harvest Olive Oil

A staple of Lasky's spring menus include freshly harvested olive oil, which she says, "hasn't had any chance to mellow with age, so it's extremely bright and almost hot." Ask your caterer to incorporate this type of oil into your dishes. They work well as a finishing touch, Lasky explains, so you can use it almost like you would salt.

Unexpected Proteins

Although couples do prefer veggie-heavy dishes in the spring, you may still want to offer a protein option. Lasky suggests swapping that standard chicken entrée for something different. In the spring, she likes to serve salmon-"Morel mushrooms and salmon with peas is a perennial favorite that just screams spring," she says-or lamb. "If I'm able to get them, spring lamb are beautiful. They're small and very tasty," she adds.

Juicy Fruits

As for her favorite springtime fruit, Lasky says she likes to cook with strawberries, but any kind of fresh fruit will appeal to a crowd. "I love to use them in both sweet and savory dishes," she says, so work with your caterer to come up with meal options that can incorporate sweetness.


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