Credit: Lisa Hubbard

Each one reminiscent of an exquisite jewel, miniature blossoms have a delicate beauty. Yet often in bridal bouquets they serve simply as an added flourish, a sweet but diminutive role. Group them in lush arrangements and showcase their wealth of precious details.

A bride who wishes to carry a clutch of such treasures has many options: Choose flowers that are small in nature, such as lily-of-the-valley; blooms that come in miniature versions, such as daffodils, roses, and irises; or florets cut from larger flowers, such as hyacinth.

The size of the blooms doesn't limit the range of bouquets you can create. Florist Matthew Robbins of New York City's Artfool shaped the gorgeous ensembles shown on these pages -- everything from a petite posy to a lavish cascade. The monochromatic palettes play up the flowers' textures, and the overall effect proves that something small in stature can easily fit a grand occasion.

Dreamy White Cascade

Blushing Pink Classics

Gentle Blue Cluster

Vivid Yellow Mixes

Tender Violet Nosegay


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