How you wear your hair can say a lot about your personality.
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No bridal look is complete without an eye-catching hairstyle. A bride must consider many factors when choosing how to wear her tresses on the big day: the style of her veil, the neckline of her dress, and the overall wedding aesthetic, just to name a few. But the most important factor of all is the bride's personal preference. Does she love the look of a traditional chignon or prefer a more romantic updo? Is her hair most often styled into a sassy side ponytail or voluminous waves? As it turns out, a bride's chosen hairstyle can tell you a lot about her personality and attitude. Here are six popular wedding day hairdos, and what each one typically says about the bride who wears it.

Classic Chignon

Creating a chignon, seen above, involves twisting the hair into a knot and pinning it behind the head–much like a fancier version of a bun. For an elegant and classic look, brides often wear low chignons that hang at the nape of the neck. The hairstyle looks flattering on almost anyone and lends itself well to accessories, such headbands and hair combs.

A bride who sports a chignon is innately classy and confident, and she loves the traditions associated with wedding ceremonies. Her attitude bursts with sophistication throughout the wedding planning process. She forgoes modern details, preferring to plan a timeless and memorable celebration instead. During the reception, you'll find her mingling with guests and sipping champagne.

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Soft Waves

A simple and relaxed style, soft waves can be worn a variety of ways. A bride can pin wavy hair in a half-up and half-down style, clip it back with accessories, or let it flow freely. This hairstyle also works for nearly any type of wedding, whether it's a boho-chic celebration or beachy ocean-side ceremony.

A brides wearing these loose, soft waves wants casual comfort on her wedding day. She's choosing a style that's familiar and manageable so she can focus on having fun with family and friends rather than worrying about loose strands of hair. If you're trying to find a wavy-haired bride during the reception, you may want to check the dance floor.


Romantic Updo

The term "romantic updo" encompasses a wide range of hairstyles, which includes everything from a fishtail bride to playful twists. However, all bridal updos have a few things in common: They're formal (but not as much as a chignon), fashion-forward, and original.

Since updos can be customized to fit a bride's personality, women who choose this hairstyle are often creative and trendy. The bride knows what she wants and isn't afraid to make a statement, and a romantic updo is her solution to achieving a more modern version of the classic wedding look.

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Swingy Ponytail

A bridal ponytail isn't like the messy hairstyle you wear to the gym. Instead, stylists make brides' ponytails look sleek, elegant, and voluminous. They're often worn high on the head with delicate waves, or positioned low to cascade along one side of the neck. A ponytail is an easy and quick hairstyle that requires minimal prep time.

A bride who opts for a ponytail on her wedding likes to play it safe. She may fear that high-fashion hairstyles, like a chignon or updo, will take away from her personal style and low-maintenance personality. Or, she may choose a ponytail as a chic way to keep hair out of her face while dancing the night away. A pomytail-wearing bride is happy, friendly, and eager to celebrate with loved ones.

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Stick Straight

It's rare to see a bride walking down the aisle with pin-straight hair, but this 'do can look proper and polished. Adding a little volume to straight hair, and throwing in an accessory, creates a sleek wedding look that's reminiscent of modern hairstyles. Plus, brides who wear their tresses straight don't have to worry about their curls falling with heat and humidity.

Many women regularly wear their hair straight, and a bride who opts for this style doesn't like to deviate from the norm. She's comfortable sticking with her everyday routine-she may even do her own hair for the big day. As a woman who embraces modernity, this bride tries to avoid the frills and fuss associated with wedding planning.

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Casual Braids

No hairstyles give boho-chic and country vibes more than a casual braid. Often worn on the side or as a crown on top of the head, braids add texture and visual interest to any hairstyle. They can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the desired look.

Brides who choose to wear a casual braid are often playful and fun. They may also have an adoration for vintage flair. When planning her wedding, this bride focuses on kicking back and enjoying the process. She doesn't let the stress of big day preparations get to her head.


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