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washington dc wedding blue gold sugar cookies
Photo: Kate Headley

These classic blue-and-white prints will add unique flair to your celebration.

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washington dc wedding blue gold sugar cookies
Kate Headley

Blue-and-white is a classic wedding color palette that can be brought to life in many different ways—including through Dutch Delft and chinoiserie patterns. Both prints feature the color combination, with pictorial variations. Dutch Delft is a European art form that depicts symbols of the Netherlands, like windmills, clogs, and vegetation native to that area. Chinoiserie, on the other hand, derives from Asia; this influence is showcased through images of fish, boats, oriental architecture, and flowers. Although both patterns are unique—and speak to two distinct cultures—their colorways make them perfect for traditional weddings.

Delftware and chinoiserie can add a pop of color to your event. Use a large chinoiserie vase as a parasol holder if you're offering them to your guests at your warm-weather wedding. Or, upgrade your escort card table with Dutch Delft vessels for a romantic look. You can even dress up a neutral tablescape by layering different chinoiserie or Delftware plates on top of one another.

Although Dutch Delft and chinoiserie patterns are traditionally painted on porcelain, they can dress up a variety of big-day moments, whatever their medium. These Buttercream Bakeshop cookies are proof: The pros covered these square treats in Delftware and then finished the desserts off with gold frame-like borders, creating mini works of art. Instead of edible creations, use these prints in paper form. Favor boxes made from either of these patterns can be re-used by guests at home—they're that striking!—while stationery suites covered in either can allude to your classic event to come.

Whether you favor Dutch Delft or chinoiserie, both can upgrade your wedding thanks to their dreamy blue-and-white prints. Although both lend a traditional look to anything they decorate, we challenge you to make like the following couples and reimagine these patterns in unconventional ways throughout your wedding design.

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Garden-Inspired Tablescape

Chinoiserie-inspired Theoni dinnerware
Billye Donya Photography

Elevate your garden-inspired, feminine tablescape with Dutch Delft dishware that resembles tea party china. Laurel Events designed this look.

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Wedding Banner

Dutch-delft wedding banner
Elisa Bricker

Hang a Delftware-inspired wedding banner from your venue's entryway to welcome guests in a classic way, like Gina Langford did here.

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Big-Day Print

Dutch-delft-themed wedding stationary
Jenna Joseph Photography

Allude to your Dutch Delft-themed wedding by displaying the print on your stationery suite. Twinkle and Toast created this invitation.

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Fan Favors

Dutch-delft pattern fan wedding favors
Kati Mallory Photo & Design

Add a pop of color to your fan favors by ordering them in a chinoiserie pattern. The striking design and colorways will speak to your elegant event long after the wedding is over.

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Estate Accent

Dutch-delft envelopes
Kelli Lynn Photography

Hint at your estate wedding's classic aesthetic by showcasing a print from inside the venue on your stationery suite. These Delftware-inspired envelopes by Tiny Shindigs matched the wallpaper featured throughout this locale.

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Dynamic Patterns

washington dc wedding table reception
Kate Headley

Pineapple Productions prettily complemented chinoiserie-inspired couches with geometric-patterned blue linens to create this dynamic décor moment. Since the two different prints featured the same hue, the pairing worked.

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Traditional Guest Book

Roey Yohai Photography

Enhance your wedding's traditional aesthetic with a chinoiserie-themed guest-book station. Bella Forte Designs made these blue-and-white accents.

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Summer Linens

washington dc wedding cocktails
Kate Headley

Looking for summery, but still-traditional linens for your reception? Take notes from Pineapple Productions who used Dutch Delft tablecloths throughout this event. The fabric's soft hues mirrored the blue skies at this warm-weather celebration.

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Artsy Cake

painted individual cakes
Wookie Photography

Recreate Kate Burt Cakes hand-painted Dutch Delft treats for an art-inspired confection of your own.

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Vase Illustrations

Roey Yohai Photography

Copy these escort cards by Caspari and Yellow House Calligraphy, which featured chinoiserie vase illustrations, if you wish to showcase a pretty pattern that doesn't dominate your display.

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Regal Banquet Tables

washington dc wedding ballroom table
Kate Headley

Forgo typical reception linens and upgrade your banquet tables with chinoiserie-inspired skirts and mirrored inset toppers for a polished, regal look. Pineapple Productions brought this party's décor to life.

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Pop of Color

hannah steve wedding california china macarons
Steve Steinhardt

Make like Modern Dame Events and add a pop of color to your neutral tablescape with Dutch Delft plates.

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European Flair

cathleen and winston wedding amazon themed invitation stationary suite
Minerva House

Celebrate your heritage by adding European flair to your stationery suite with Delftware-inspired envelopes. Embossed Graphics of Texas made this sheer iteration.

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Seasonal Setup

washington dc wedding flowers escort cards
Kate Headley

Nod to your springtime affair with an escort card table full of chinoiserie centerpieces holding an array of vibrant pink blooms. Amaryllis Floral & Event Design's combination of blush tulips, roses, and cherry blossoms paired with the blue-and-white vessels made for a vibrant, seasonal setup.

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Purposeful Décor

dutch delft favor
Branco Prata

Enhance your reception tables with Dutch Delft décor that's both purposeful and aesthetically pleasing. Patterned favor boxes—which matched this event's menus by Sofia Ferreira—topped each table setting at this celebration.

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Photo Frame

Roey Yohai Photography

Incorporate color into your photo booth setup with a chinoiserie frame guests can pose inside of. The prop will help tie your wedding décor into each photo.

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Edible Keepsake

Roey Yohai Photography

Although guests will eat your edible favors, pretty packaging ensures they have a keepsake to reuse at home, too. We love how this couple upgraded these Thorncrest Farm & Milk House Chocolates candies by serving them in chinoiserie boxes from Paper Mart.

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Tonal Welcome Box

washington dc wedding welcome boxes champagne chocolate
Kate Headley

Add dimension to an all-blue welcome box by featuring Delftware-inspired wrapping throughout. Teak and Twine did just that to complement this favor's tonal look.

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Cohesive Suite

Roey Yohai Photography

Showcase the same pattern across all your wedding stationery for a cohesive look. Phyllis Roth of By Invitation Only Designs printed chinoiserie onto every element of this set, from the pocket fold to the save-the-date card.

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Umbrella Stand

Dutch-Delft Umbrella Pottery
Amy and Jordan Photography

Display oil-paper umbrellas in a chinoiserie vase at the entrance of your outdoor ceremony for a setup guests definitely won't miss. Imoni Events executed this station.

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Cocktail Napkins

Dutch-Delft Napkins
Melissa Schollaert Photography

Enhance you Dutch Delft pottery centerpieces with embroidered napkins (The French Table made these) that depict your vessels and blooms.

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