21 Brides Who Said "Yes" to a Bold Lip

bold lipstick bride in back seat of vintage car
Abby Jiu Photography

Whether a bold lipstick defines your everyday style or going-out look, you shouldn't discount this statement makeup choice for your wedding day. Although your makeup is a smaller big-day detail, a daring lip color can help define your overarching bridal aesthetic—so it's important to give your look plenty of thought. Your makeup will be captured in photos you'll cherish forever, after all. Luckily, you have unlimited options to consider, especially if you decide to create your beauty look around a bold or bright lip. From glamorous red to a moody plum (and everything in between!), the shade you choose is entirely up to you—just make sure it works with your skin tone. A flattering color isn't the only deciding factor, though. You can customize your pout's finish by opting for your preferred shade in either a matte, gloss, or stain form.

It's important to note that other elements of your wedding should influence your choice of lip color. Take your accessories into consideration, like the bouquet you'll carry down the aisle. This bride did just that: With the help of Mimi B. Tran, she decided on a coral lip that complemented her rose-filled clutch.

Other colorful details featured throughout your big day can also impact your lip shade, from your groom's suit to the color of your wedding dress. Even your event's style can inform your pout. We believe a classic day deserves a traditional, glam lipstick (like a cherry red!), for example. With the right hue, a bold lip is sure to wow—even on the most minimalistic brides. Ahead, we've rounded up the inspiration to prove it.

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Best Accessory

niara allen wedding couple
Elizabeth Austin Photography

This bride's best big-day accessory was her bright red Mac Retro Matte Liquid lipstick.

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Light Blue Gown

bold lipstick bride and groom embrace
135 Mililmetros

The makeup team at Pretty Exquisite knew a muted red lip would complement the color of this bride's light blue wedding dress.

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Impactful Shade

bold lipstick bride with puppy
Abby Jiu Photography

To dress up her natural beauty look, this bride asked Claudine Fay for an impactful ruby lip moment.

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Accenting Leaves

bold lipstick bride with bouquet
Amy Caroline Photography

For her nontraditional wedding, this beauty suggested that Janet Rowe finish her makeup with a purple lipstick. The hue seamlessly coordinated with the accenting leaves in her arrangement.

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Crimson Decorated

bride makeup close up with statement headpiece
Elizabeth Austin Photography

Makeup artist Rashida Banks gave this bride-to-be a red lip that was on-theme with her crimson decorated wedding.

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Traditionally Bold

bold lipstick seated bride with bouquet
Annmarie Swift

Jenny Luu Hair and Makeup insisted on a classic red shade for this daring, but traditional bride.

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Ruby Pout

bold lipstick bride with colorful bouquet
Cynthia Chung Weddings

Instead of playing up her look with accessories, this bride asked her makeup artist to give her a red pout, which ultimately made her blue eyes pop.

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Matte Finish

bold lipstick bride and groom close up
Erin Wilson Photography

Makeup artist Kakki Jones applied a matte crimson lipstick to highlight this bride's ultra-feminine lace gown.

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Silky Orange

bold lipstick waiting bride with bouquet
Jeanni Dunagan

A silky orange lip shade was this bride's perfect finishing touch Melissa Hibbert was responsible for the glowing makeup look.

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Dark Plum

bold lipstick bride with red and white bouquet
Louisville Wedding Photographers, Jeff & Michele

This bride's dark plum lip stain (applied by Style Hair and Makeup) contrasted beautifully with her ball gown.

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Old Hollywood

bold lipstick bride and groom embrace close up
Kay Kroshus

Kohnur Premier Bridal Beauty was inspired by old Hollywood glam when she created this beauty look, which featured a soft smoky eye and a matte red lip.

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Retro Glam

bold lipstick retro bride smiling
Viva Love Photo

This bride asked Aleksandra Ambrozy to dream up a retro glam look to match her ultra-mod dress and accessories. A striking red lipstick shade was an obvious choice.

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Plum Shine

bold lipstick bride flower hair profile
Whiskers & Willow Photography

Lacey Haegen used a plum gloss to elevate this bride's overall dreamy makeup look.

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Pink Lilies

bride wearing lace long-sleeved gown holding neutral and green bouquet
Jordan Thompson at Landon Jacob Photography

As the last step in the bride's glowing makeup routine, Mikel Rumsey applied a dark pink, matte lipstick, which perfectly matched the accenting lilies in her bouquet.

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All-White Pop

hamida charlie charleson wedding couple
Gayle Brooker

A striking orange lipstick made an even bigger statement against this all-white look.

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Wine Red

avril quy wedding new york couple trees green
Jessica Antola

This happy bride opted for a wine-colored lip stain to dress up her more casual ensemble.

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Seasonal Trends

embellished bridal cape
Bow Tie Photo

This beauty rocked several trends during her wedding day, including a cape by Gibson Bespoke and a dark plum pout.

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Natural Exception

Brklyn View Photography

Not one to get dolled up, this newlywed kept her makeup natural (thanks to Laramie Glen) with one exception: a bright, classic red lip.

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Playful Pucker

Jessica Peterson

Caitlin's coral gloss was the just-right complement to her whimsical, embroidered Temperley London dress and DIY-décor-filled celebration.

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Floral Inspiration

daniela emmanuel wedding maryland couple holding hands
Winsome + Wright

To tie her beauty look into her wedding's classic elegance theme, this bride asked Caitlyn Meyer for a muted red lip. The lipstick matched the floral centerpieces at her otherwise all-white reception.

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