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You've likely read all about the best man's responsibilities on the wedding day, but what about the rehearsal dinner? Is there anything specific you're on duty for? Technically, there's nothing major in terms of things you have to do, but here are a few small things you'll want to be prepared for.

Offer to help with any last minute setup or breakdown.

As rehearsal dinners typically take place at restaurants or venues with very little setup required, you likely won't be needed to help with assembly or break-down, but it's a nice gesture to ask in advance if the couple needs an extra hand for anything related to this event. If so, go ahead and see if you should also bring along a few of the other groomsmen, too.

Give a speech.

Most couples choose to keep the speeches at the rehearsal dinner loosely coordinated, while the wedding night will have scheduled toasts worked into the timeline. Though you may be speaking on the wedding night, you can also add in a small toast for this casual setting. Here, you can keep things more informal and entertaining, maybe sneaking in a story or anecdote that didn't quite make the cut for your wedding speech.

Be social.

Introduce yourself to the bridesmaids you met at the ceremony rehearsal, mingle with the family members you've previously met and those you haven't yet, and generally be present and social. You may not be hosting this party, but you're representing your groom's friends and you want to be sure everyone in attendance is having a great time.

Watch out for the hangovers.

You're all grown men and it's unlikely that any of the groomsmen will need to be told when to back off the drinks, but the groom might appreciate a little nudge if he looks like he may be headed for a hangover. Do your main guy a favor and remind him to drink tons of water, take some ibuprofen before bed, and maybe finish eating all that's on his plate tonight.

Be on payment duty if needed.

Traditionally, the groom's parents would be responsible for the bill at the rehearsal dinner, but modern etiquette has many couples covering their own rehearsal dinner costs. In this case, you might ask the groom if he'd like you to handle doling out final payments to any of the vendors so that he doesn't have to think about it.

Coordinate departures.

Some of the guests may decide to go out to a local bar after the rehearsal dinner for more drinks, but it's your duty to make sure the groom gets some sleep tonight. Go ahead and assign yourself to coordinate car service or whatever you'll need to get the groom back to the hotel at a decent hour.


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