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Syrian Refugee Fixing Wedding Dress Zipper

Ontario wedding photographer Lindsay Coulter was working an event last week when her bride-to-be got stuck in a wedding-day snag. As Jo Du was being helped into her gown by her bridesmaids, "a tooth on the zipper of her dress snapped," reports CNN.

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Coulter and the 'maids got to work right away, stopping by Du's neighbor's home in search of a pair of pliers. Little did the ladies know, neighbor David Hobson was hosting some new guests-a freshly-landed family of Syrian refugees.

Battling through language barriers (communication consisted of Google Translate and body language), the father of the Syrian family, Ibrahim Halil Dudu offered his support to the distressed wedding party. A "master tailor" according to Coulter, Dudu had 30+ years of mending experience, shares Buzzfeed.

Within minutes, the dress was sewn, much to the joy of all involved. "She was so excited and so happy, I was more than happy to get to work. I like to help Canadian people from my heart," Dudu told CTV News.

Even more remarkable, Du and her now-husband, Earl, are immigrants as well, says CNN. "Most of the bride's family was visiting from China, so there was already not much English being spoken," Coulter told Buzzfeed. "It was really amazing to see everyone communicate through gestures like bowing to say thank you."

In her Facebook post recalling the event, Coulter thanks Canada for its open arms-a policy that made this wedding miracle a reality. "I am so proud to live in Canada, a country who has opened our doors to refugees countless times. I'm in awe of the families who have welcomed these strangers in to their homes and lives, and I'm inspired by the resilience of the Syrian people. We are truly blessed."


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