Plus, find out the sweet thing Wiley does for her wife each day.
Lauren Morelli and Samira Wiley on a Plane
Credit: Lauren Morelli via Instagram

Need more proof that Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli are the cutest newlywed couple ever? They threw one seriously fun wedding in Palm Springs in March, then kicked off married life with a honeymoon that took them to Disneyland and Italy. Now that they're back home, the Orange Is the New Black writer and the Handmaid's Tale actress are understandably busy with work, but both are making time to enjoy life as newlyweds. Case in point? The super-sweet way they're talking about marriage.

"Married life is great!" Wiley told People. "I'm really enjoying it. People always ask you: 'Is it different?' And I don't see a real difference externally, but more so just in myself and how I think about us as a unit, rather than me as an individual. I feel really grown up!"

But that's not the only time the newlywed has gushed about being married. Late last month, Wiley and Morelli made their red carpet debut as a married couple and told People that their honeymoon was "awesome" and that married life could only be considered "a gumdrop!" Talk about adorable!

Although much of their relationship seems to have stayed the same, there's one thing that's definitely changed: Their morning coffee routine. "Okay, so she loves coffee, so I try to make coffee for her," Wiley says of the one special thing she tries to do for her new wife each day, "but now she has an espresso machine! And I have zero idea how it works, so I've got to work on that."


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