Because things happen—even to the most secure bridal hairstyles.

Every girl wants to look insanely gorgeous on her wedding day. That's a given. But here's some real talk-stuff happens. A spike in humidity or sweaty spin on the dance floor and bam, your dreamy 'do becomes a hot mess. How do you deal with a wedding hair 911 when your stylist is long gone? New York hair and makeup pro Matthew Sky of NEXTartists shares his advice to help you solve any wedding hair mishaps that may come your way.

Expect the unexpected.

"You always want to be prepared and the best way to do that is to pack a small essentials kit," advises Sky. Fill it with travel-sized products including a dry shampoo, hair spray, bobby pins, hairbands, water spray bottle, and a mini-flat iron. "Put a bridesmaid in charge of it, this way someone knows where it is at all times."

Best Travel-Sized Beauty Essentials

Embrace your inner Olivia Pope.

If your style starts to go south, handle it! "Many brides are afraid to touch their hair after it has been professionally styled," says Sky, "but if something goes wrong and your stylist isn't there, you've got no choice." So if a wayward bobby pin starts to cause you migraine-like pain, pull the thing out. Chances are you won't disrupt your 'do. And even if a few strands do break free you can always re-position the pin so it holds them without hurting.

Do the dry thing.

Whether it's sweat from the heat or your nerves, moisture can suck the life out of your hair. As soon as you notice any wilting, Sky suggests reaching for powder-based styling products like Batiste Dry Shampoo. "They absorb oil, combat greasy roots, and restore volume to your hair instantly." Apply the product around the hairline and on the crown of your head. Leave it on for two minutes. Rub it in with your fingers or brush your hair-both dissolve the powder. A gust from the blow dryer can help, giving you a little extra shine and volume.

Believe in the bun.

This classic style can come to your rescue. So don't freak out if your beach waves fall flat. "The bun is something every bride can do," assures Sky. "And it always looks modern yet romantic, which should be the goal for wedding-day hair." There are a few variations on the style (loose, sleek, low, high), all easily achievable by combing your hair back, spritzing it with a little water, and fastening it with a hairband. Twist the ponytail around into a coil and fasten with pins as you go. No extra product needed since you already have some in your hair.

Send an SOS to your BFFs.

Bridesmaids do more than stand by your side looking pretty on the big day. Ideally, they've got your back no matter what-and that includes beauty disasters. "Ask for their help," says Sky. "At the very least, one of them will know how to pull your hair into a knot or come up with another style fix that will save the day."


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