The couple's musical date night turned into an unforgettable moment thanks to the band's help. 


A recent Florence + The Machine concert in Edinburgh, Scotland, was extra special for one couple thanks to a bit of help from lead singer Florence Welch. Billboard reports that one of the band's fans, Steph, actually used the gig to propose to her girlfriend.

At the band's Summer Sessions concert at Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens on August 8th, Welch invited Steph and Jenny up onto the stage mid-show. The songstress announced to the crowd that Steph had "a very special request, and I'm fulfilling this request," she said, before turning to Jenny. "Steph has something she would like to ask you."

Welch proceeded to hand over the microphone to Steph, who got down on one knee to propose. "From the moment I met you, I was in love. I know the future will always be uncertain and difficult, but one thing that I know I want for certain is for us to grow old together and to call you my wife," she said. The crowd responded by cheering their approval, but most importantly, Jenny happily accepted.

Following the happy proposal, Welch jumped for joy and all three women shared an on-stage hug. "Jenny and Steph, we wish you so much love," she said before dedicating the following song to the newly-engaged couple. The Summer Sessions Twitter account also posted a sweet clip of the moment, writing, "A summer of love! An incredible setting with a perfect proposal at @florencemachine this evening. Congratulations to the happy couple! You've got the love I need so see me through."


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