If you're thinking no gift is the worst gift, you might be mistaken.
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The anticipation when you start to open a wedding gift is high: Will the contents of the box be that deluxe coffeemaker that brews lattes and espressos you registered for, or could it hold the gorgeous stand mixer you loved the moment you saw it in the store? The box is open, the tissue paper unfolded, and you lift out the gift: It's...an electric cheese grater. What? Why? You don't come across as a person who needs voltage to grate her Parmesan. But bad gifts happen all the time, so be prepared for what lies ahead. Here are more presents that are generally unwelcome.

Anything that's not on the registry.

Why veer off to the Land of Non-Registry Gifts, where the temptation to buy odd appliances and statues of farm animals is as strong as an ocean current? Buying a gift from the bride and groom's registry is the way to go. It's easy, it's quick, and it's a guaranteed winner. They picked out some items they really, really like, put together a list, and told people about it. Gift buying couldn't be easier.

Something that suits the giver but not the couple.

Monogrammed towels are lovely but very traditional. So are crystal candlesticks and fine china. But if the couple has a very informal lifestyle where personal lettering and shiny things are of no interest, the gift giver is better off getting them the wind-surfing lessons they registered for instead.

Re-gifted items.

Oh yeah, it happens. There are brides and grooms who've found a "Merry Christmas, Judy" tag stuck to a box of napkin rings or a toaster in a yellowed box that looks like it'd been sitting in the basement for years. Everyone likes to save a buck but giving someone a gift you've rejected is just wrong.

"Cute" his-and-hers gifts.

If an engaged couple truly wanted matching aprons or bathrobes, they would've registered for them.


Surprised by this one? The reason it ranks as a worst gift is because no one is gifting a Matisse or Warhol-the newlyweds are more likely to get a kitschy painting of kittens dressed as pirates. Unless the gift-giver knows the taste of the couple extremely well, they need to step away from the wall art.

A bounced check.

This gift is just as embarrassing for the couple as it is for you. Odds are, you'd never do it on purpose, but something to think about all the same.


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