Wooden Ring Bearer Box

Keep your wedding bands safe until you say, "I do." A few simple DIY steps developed by Jen Carreiro of Something Turquoise are all it takes to create this vessel, which you can personalize for your special day.

Photo: Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings


Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings


1. Paint the wooden box using your choice of Martha Stewart Crafts paints.

Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings

2. Let the wood dry before moving to the next step. Depending on your choice of color, your box might require two coats of paint.

Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings

3. To make the tiny little pillow for your rings, trace the bowl onto your fabric, then cut out the circle. (It doesn't have to be perfect, and you might need to experiment with fabric sizes depending on the size of your box.)

Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings

4. Sew your ribbon to the middle of your fabric circle. A few solid stitches will do.

Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings

5. Making large stitches, sew around the entire fabric circle about a half inch from the edge, trying not to gather it too much.

Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings

6. Add a little clump of pillow batting (or the like) to the middle of the fabric circle and pull the loose end of your thread tight! This gathers the entire circle together around the batting, creating the pillow.

Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings

7. Stitch across the base a couple of times to secure your pillow edges.

Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings

8. Use a paint pen to embellish the inside and outside of your box, if desired.

Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings

9. Before gluing the pillow to the box, place it inside to make sure it fits. Make adjustments to the pillow if needed.

Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings

10. Add a large amount of tacky glue to the bottom of the box and press the pillow into it. Let dry for 24 hours.

Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings

11. When you are ready, string your rings onto the ribbon, tie a bow, and cut to your desired length.

Courtesy of Studio 11 Weddings
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