Some brides may go through withdrawal without their phones.

By Nancy Mattia
July 18, 2018

If you're like most people, your cell phone is a big part of your life. You rely on it for keeping in touch with the world and for vital information like the weather and when you next date night is. But at your wedding ceremony and reception, there's no need to carry your phone-the only thing you should be carrying around with you is your bouquet! It's also impractical unless you plan to carry a purse on your wedding day, which many brides don't do. Still, a phone may be necessary in the early part of the day, so you might not want to leave it home entirely. Check out our advice on big-day cell phone usage below.

It's okay to keep it handy early on.

As the ceremony and reception venues are getting set up, having your phone nearby will come in handy if you're the main contact for the vendors. If someone can't find an address or has a last-minute question, you want to be able to provide the information (though it would better to put someone else on vendor duty for the whole day).

Hand over the phone before you get into your wedding dress.

When you're with your girls getting dressed, now's the time to turn off the phone. Let someone else (not the groom) handle any vendor inquiries or problems from here on. Give your phone to your mom or someone who has a purse.

Don't text and marry.

There's a viral video of a bride who pulls out her phone, conveniently tucked in the top of her strapless dress, in the middle of her wedding ceremony. Why? Because she got a text. But she didn't just read the message-she immediately replied back! The groom looks on, speechless. Extreme, yes, and hopefully not common. But just in case-don't be that bride, even to a lesser degree. Forget about your phone and enjoy your wedding day unplugged. As for photos, trust that your photographer will capture everything you'll want to see.


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