Why not get engaged on a day made for romance?
couple laughing snow

When you're proposing to-or being proposed to by-the love or your life, it's automatically the most romantic day of your life. But if you're looking to pop the question on a day that's already oozing with romance, look no further than Valentine's Day. Not only will you both already be in the mood for love, but since you generally expect some kind of romantic dinner or weekend getaway, it can be a little easier for the proposer to pull off the grand gesture without raising any red flags. To help inspire your own February 14th proposal, consider these six ideas, which were suggested by love experts themselves.

Create a proposal video.

Since it's Valentine's Day, your partner may think any sweet plans are in honor of the holiday. Surprise her with a video compilation of your relationship, but take it up a notch by including a "Will you marry me?" message at the end. "She won't be expecting it. It's also something that she can keep forever and even show your kids when they're older," says Dawn Michael, Ph.D., a certified sexuality counselor, clinical sexologist, and author. "Make sure that you're happy with the video, setting, and what you're saying, because it's something you'll be able to look back on for years."

Create a proposal book.

If you're not technologically savvy, know that a photo book is the perfect way to display your love. Dr. Michael suggests getting creative with the story-especially if you can write-and adding a picture or two at the end that's especially important and connects to the big proposal. "This is a book that the two of you can keep forever so make it special," she says.

Bake a sweet treat.

Your significant other will always appreciate you taking the time to make something special just for them, but the gesture feels especially thoughtful Valentine's Day. Dr. Michael suggests using a homemade treat as an essential part of your proposal. Consider placing the ring carefully on top of a homemade cupcake, or even creating a cutout in the center to hide the ring. If you're going with the latter option, make sure you're the one to cut the dessert open-you wouldn't want your partner to accidentally bite into a piece of cake with a ring, would you?

Head outdoors.

If you and your soon-to-be fiancé are nature lovers, make the great outdoors part of your proposal. "There's something very romantic about getting engaged under the stars and connecting with the universe in this profound and intimate way," says April Masini, relationship and etiquette expert. "You could do something fun, like building a snowman together and then placing the ring where the nose should be, or simply take an evening walk with a thermos of hot chocolate." No matter what you choose to do, know that playing up the wonder of winter during your proposal will surely wow your new fiancée.

Plan a weekend getaway.

"There's nothing more exciting than being whisked away on a weekend-long vacation," says Masini. "It gets you out of any rut, out of any grind, and puts the focus on romance." It's wise to plan this excursion in advance, including travel arrangements, lodging, and dinner reservations, since plenty of couples will be traveling-either in celebration of Valentine's Day or for a plain-old winter getaway-during this time of year. Be sure to decide in advance when you want to pop the question: before you depart for the trip, on the first evening, or after a weekend of relaxing.

Propose in public.

If your partner ins't intimidated by crowds, consider getting down on one knee at a favorite public spot or with loved ones around you. But Masini urges you to really think about your partner before planning a public proposal, because while getting engaged with a crowd of bystanders cheering you on can be absolutely amazing, a shy woman may feel very uncomfortable with spectators. "If you have a partner who's very comfortable with attention, invite guests for a fabulous Valentine's Day party and pop the question surrounded by everyone you love," she says.


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