The spouses are starring in a movie together.

By Emily Platt
March 22, 2018
Todd Williamson/Getty Images

What's it like for celebrity couples to star in moives together? According to John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, joint projects are both nerve-wracking and rewarding. The two appear as married lead characters in the upcoming film, A Quiet Place, and Krasinski just spoke with Philadelphia Style about working alongside his real-life wife.

"We always rely on each other for opinions, but we love the idea that we have separate careers, and, that way, we can be the number-one fans of each other," he shared in the magazine story. But that all changed when Blunt read the horror flick's script, and decided that she had to take on the role opposite of his. "I looked up-and, at first, I thought something was wrong because she seemed very serious. She said, 'You can't let anybody else do this movie,'" he explained.

Krasinski's reaction to her interest? Absolutely adorable. "I can't over-describe how much that meant to me," he went on. "It was the greatest compliment of my career. There's nobody I look up to and admire more, so the fact that someone I trust not only in marriage, but as an actress, with that taste level and that strength, would want to dive into this script was huge for me."

Despite their incredible love and respect for each other, the spouses were still anxious about the endeavor. That's why, right before filming began, they had an honest discussion. "We were just finishing dinner, and she said, 'Can I ask you a question? Are you nervous?' And I said, 'Terrified,'" Krasinski revealed. "She went, 'Oh, thank god. Me too.'" As it turns out, though, they had nothing to worry about. "It was bizarre how well it worked. I don't know whether I'd tempt fate again quickly because this process went so well. I think we were both shocked," Krasinski said.


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