Think beyond the suit and tie. Chris Easter, co-founder of The Man Registry, gives us eight guy-approved grooming and health tips guaranteed to help you wow when you exchange your vows.
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Eat Like a Champ, Not a Chump

Hands down, the best thing you can do for your look is to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Consider consulting a nutritionist to map out an eating plan. If you need to shed a few pounds before the big day, cut down on foods that are high in calories, like fast food, and stick to good habits, such as eating protein at every meal, not eating late at night, and drinking plenty of water. No matter what, stay honest to yourself and the routine by tracking your results. There are dozens of free apps, including MyFitnessPal and Nutrino, that allow you to monitor diet progress while recording daily intake. The great thing about getting into this routine is that you can continue it after the wedding for a healthier (and happier) life.

Limit Your Vices

A few drinks after a stressful day at work can seem like your best friend. When it comes to preparing for your nuptials, however, they can be your worst enemy. Alcohol is known to cause weight gain, dry out your skin, lead to negative changes in mood, and impact the quality of your sleep. Consider going booze-free-at least during the weekdays-in the months leading up to walking down the aisle.

Hit the Gym (or Your Living Room)

Want to pack on some muscle before the honeymoon, but aren't sure where to start? There are many books (Easter recommends Ready to Run and Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It), websites (he likes Fitocracy), and even social media accounts devoted to workout and fitness tips. Whether you want to do some general exercises at home, invest in a gym membership, or go all out and hire a trainer, the key is making a plan and sticking to it so results-and confidence-will follow.

Develop a Skin-Care Routine

Using the right shaving gel, facial soap, and moisturizer can make all the difference when it comes to your complexion. The problem is that most men don't know how to identify the products that are the best match for their skin type. Schedule a dermatologist appointment and have your face fine-tuned. A dermatologist will be able to identify the products and ingredients that will provide results without any irritation.

Care for Your Pearly Whites

If it takes you more than five seconds to think about the last time you visited a dentist, it's been too long. You should visit a dentist at least once a year (or even every six months) for a general cleaning and checkup. Make an appointment (or even a teeth-whitening session) within two months of your wedding date so your smile is in prime condition for photos.

Go to Work on Those Annoying Hairs

There's something to be said for being a well-groomed groom. One of the best things you can do for your look is purchase a two-in-one trimmer to tackle nose and ear hair. You can even pick up one for under $15 on Amazon.

Put the "Man" Back in "Manicure"

Never had a manicure? You're missing out. Some men simply dismiss manicures as something that's "not for guys." This may have been true for your father's generation, but times are changing. One in four men now say they've had at least one. Manicures are great for combatting calloused hands, disheveled nails, and annoying cuticles. On the wedding day, your hands will be photographed up close to show your wedding ring. Do you really want a lifelong reminder of how rough and tumble your hands were?

Treat Yourself (and the Groomsmen) to a Classic Shave

If you've never experienced a traditional straight razor shave, stop what you're doing right now and sprint to your closest barbershop. On second thought, wait until the wedding day and treat your wedding party members to the experience as well. This is a tremendous way to start your day and have some last-minute bonding with close friends and family. Not to mention, it'll leave your face and neck feeling as smooth as it did the day you were born. If you'd rather sport some scruff, get inspiration from these grooms with facial hair.

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