Lady Gaga's Latest Wedding Details Might Surprise You ...

Lady Gaga just revealed some news about her wedding to Taylor Kinney. Here's what we know (so far).

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If you expect Lady Gaga's wedding to be over-the-top, you'll be wrong, says the singer. "We are not planning anything that is worth writing about," she recently told Ryan Seacrest of her upcoming wedding to Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney, describing the big day as "family-style."

It certainly sounds like a family effort! Gaga says all the women in her family are involved. "I think if I wouldn't let my mom do this with all of us and my family-I think if I would of denied the women of my life the planning of the wedding they would probably kill me," she joked. "I have all the help in the world in a way!"

Gaga is famous for celebrating individuality, so when planning her wedding, it only makes sense that the "Born This Way" singer would reach for her roots. And involving her relatives may not be the only way she's incorporating her heritage.

The two are reportedly planning a destination wedding in Italy. "She wants to celebrate her heritage, so they're looking at places in the Italian countryside," a source close to the singer told Page Six. "She wants a big Italian wedding."

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That last part comes as no surprise to us. Kinney has been quoted as saying that he would go to the Little White Chapel, "but I think, well she's an Italian and that won't happen. She wants a nice big wedding." Until now, the locales he had listed were limited to New York and LA, though he did allude to considering another "destination" when talking to Andy Cohen in October.

Previously, the couple has stayed mum about their nuptials. But they have shared their proposal story: Kinney, who met his bride-to-be when he starred in her "Yoü and I" music video, popped the question on Valentine's Day 2015 with a huge heart-shaped Lorraine Schwartz diamond complete with a pavé-encrusted band that says T <3 S (for Taylor loves Stefani, Gaga's real name).

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"It was in Manhattan. It was snowing-it was beautiful," Kinney told Chicago Tribune. The feeling was mutual: "I'm such a happy bride-to-be! I can't stop smiling," Gaga captioned an Instagram photo following the engagement.

As for post-wedding plans, Kinney has hinted that starting a family isn't completely out of the question. (Who else is already excited for Baby Gaga?)

The wedding may not be in New York, as we predicted, but we're still picturing a classic black-and-white affair with red roses and Italian cuisine (we're assuming Kinney was joking when he said he's in charge of making soup). Here's what else we know so far:

The wedding date. When E! News asked Kinney if the celebrities had set a date yet for the celebration, Kinney coyly replied, "Well maybe, but I guess we'll keep it a surprise."

The wedding dress. "It will be totally for Taylor," Gaga told WWD. "It's all about my man. I haven't really thought about anything specific yet but whatever it is, it will be totally for him."

The wedding singer. Gaga has said that Tony Bennett will perform. And it seems like a fitting choice: Last year, Gaga and singer Tony Bennett recorded an album of jazz standards, sparking a deep friendship in the process. "They invited me to do it and, of course, I will," Bennett told Page Six. "All I know is, knowing Lady Gaga, it will be fabulous." We couldn't agree more!

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