You read that right.
Credit: Sephi Bergerson

Israeli photographer Sephi Bergerson was asked to shoot an Indian wedding in Udaipur in November 2015. But instead of packing up all of his equipment, he left his camera gear at home and instead used only his cell phone, an iPhone 6S Plus.

"The problem till now was not only the technological limitations of the previous iPhone models, which could be a separate discussion all together, as some of those still remain," Bergerson wrote on his website, "but also, and mostly, finding the couple that will agree and allow me to shoot their wedding like this."

That couple was Ayushi and Abhishek, whose large, three-day wedding proved to be the perfect challenge for the unique technique. "I have covered many weddings in Udaipur before, but have never seen the place so beautifully decorated," Bergerson wrote. "It was such a pleasure taking pictures when everything, and everyone, looking so gorgeous."

Credit: Sephi Bergerson

That's not to say that it was easy. Of course, though a smart phone can serve as a convenient and compact camera, mastering the tool took some effort. "Shooting a whole wedding on the iPhone, as much fun as it sounds, was actually quite a challenge," Bergerson said. "Daytime pictures where fantastic, but the night still remained a bit tricky. The new iPhone 6s Plus camera is superb in terms of resolution and colour rendition, but low light photography was difficult, on the dance floor for example, as the ISO limit was not letting me shoot without having motion blur."

Credit: Sephi Bergerson

To remedy this, Bergerson used a handheld LED light-and the results were nothing short of amazing.

Credit: Sephi Bergerson

Still, though, for wedding photographers, shooting with an iPhone is a riskier route than using all the tools at their disposal. What do you think? Would you ever allow someone to shoot your wedding photos with a smart phone?


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