This is what the hair and makeup experts wish all brides (and their 'maids!) would wear during their glam sessions.

After you've selected your hair and makeup artists and finalized your big-day look, all that's left to do is sit down in the chair and let your pros get to work, right? Wrong. Somewhere between your pre-nuptial beauty trials and waking up on your wedding morning, you'll need to find time to choose your getting-ready outfit. While you'll want something cute for photos, there's more to your morning attire than just that. To ensure speedy hair and makeup sessions without any hiccups, we spoke to two bridal beauty experts about what they wish their brides (and the bridesmaids!) would wear while getting ready. Keep their tips in mind as you shop for your own attire.

Choose something comfortable.

Prepping for your walk down the aisle takes time and often requires an early wake up, so Katherine McCall, event coordinator at Facetime Beauty, says comfort is key. "We always prefer our brides to wear something that is comfortable since the process can often take a few hours," McCall says.

Make sure it's easy to take off.

No matter what you decide to wear, McCall says every bride should make sure that their getting-ready attire is easy to slip off, as you won't want to disturb your fresh makeup and hair. While most women choose robes, she says that a button-down shirt or anything with a wide neck will work, too.

Buy something you really like.

Mar R., creative director of Team Hair & Makeup, says there are so many fun options available for getting-ready attire, so keep looking until you find something you love. "I've seen floral robes, white robes, silk robes, cute pajamas, and of course, the classic hotel robe," she says, but adds that these are far from the only options you have.

Think about how your outfit will look in photos.

Selecting the right garments also means considering how they'll look in getting-ready snapshots. "Wear white or a light color if a photographer is shooting you in black and white," Mar R. explains. While prints are pretty, they be a little busy and distracting in your photos, she adds, so a solid color is often your best choice.

Take the season and temperature into account.

You'll be getting ready for a few hours, so it's important to choose clothing that'll keep you warm or cool enough. If it's cold out, Mar R. suggests wearing layers made from fabrics like cotton. If it's hot out, look for items made from linen or silk.


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