Bridal Shower Favors Your Guests Will Love

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bridal shower favors succulents
Jessica Bordner Photography

We have a few key tips for buying bridal shower favors. First, it's nice to somehow connect the tokens into your fête's theme or event design. Second, get creative with what you give—the more original, the more exciting. Third, try for something that's at least a little practical. You don't want your presents to go to waste, do you? While favors are definitely supposed to be mementos, they should also serve another purpose. That could be anything from entertaining attendees at the party itself to coming in handy later on the wedding day.

Take this celebration's plant favors. Not only were the adorable Shop Succulents gifts incorporated into the party's place settings, but recipients could display them in their homes afterward. This is exactly the type of takeaway we're talking about. To see more ideas just like this one, browse the inspiration ahead. You'll find present suggestions as well as packaging and presentation options. From edible items to fun DIYs, there's plenty to savor and steal for your own soirée. Whatever you choose, your guests will be happy, and you will be, too—no throw-away keepsakes here!

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Luxe Candles

bridal shower escort candles on round table inside
Jessa Schifilliti

As a way to to show her love and appreciation for those who attended the pre-wedding party, this bride sent guests home with Diptyque candles. While luxe options are always appreciated, even homemade versions of your favorite scent will delight guests.

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Jelly Beans

jelly bean wedding favors
Taryn Grey Photography

Consider favors that pull double-duty: Jelly beans were packed in clear acrylic boxes with seating assignments. Guests can find their seat at the shower, then munch on the treats post-party.

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Custom Koozies

custom wedding koozies on table
Julie Cope Photography

Koozies, like these byIndustry Print Shop, are always a fun favor. Create your own personalized versions and display them by the drinks for guests to use during the party and after.

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round wooden table with box of wedding favors
Carmen Santorelli Photography

Packets of herbs are the type of bridal shower favor that keeps on giving. Whether guests use them in their food or dry them to create their own sachets, everyone will love this gift idea, which was executed here by Sisti & Co.

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Canned Goods

wicker picnic basket with floral bouquet
Laura Gordon

Guests could choose between Jennie Cook's creative canned fruit and cocktails in mason jars as edible party favors at this celebration.

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Artfully Wrapped Sweet Treats

gift wrapped wedding seating chart boxes
Cavin Elizabeth

Treat your guests to something that speaks to the season. This bride sent guests home with gift boxes full of gingerbread cookies at the end of her wintertime party.

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colorful and whimsical goodie bags
Ann K. Hubbard

For any little ones attending the bridal shower, opt for fun, colorful party favors like these Cheree Berry Paper folders, filled with play eyeglasses, mini puzzles, and crayons.

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Meals To-Go

Bento boxes for guests
Donna Lam Photography

Elevate your bridal shower favors by giving your guests the gift of a good meal. This bride gave partygoers boxed meals by Chef Hiroo Nagahara to enjoy later in the day.

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bridal shower favors rectangle soap
Arte de Vie Photography

Sweet rectangles of 504 Soap were tied with a bow for this bridal shower.

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DIY Bracelets

bridal shower favors diy bracelet
Amanda Azarpour

Naseem Events worked with Petal Atelier for this bracelet-making station. Guests could design their own jewelry using fresh blooms.

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Cocktail and Emergency Kits

jeannette taylor wedding portugal ceremony
Abby Jiu Photography

This basket held presents for work and play. Little pouches contained emergency items in case of big-day disasters, while tins contained ingredients for single-serving cocktails. For your own kits, turn to Pinch Provisions and W&P Design.

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Bendy Straws

bridal shower favors bendy straw
Danfredo Photos+Films

Not only do personalized bendy straws make for great day-of photo ops, but they can be washed and reused after the shower. Krazy Straws designed this one.

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Fruit Baskets

Heather Beard

No, we're not talking about those giant gift packages. Small bundles of your favorite fruit are more than sufficient. These ones were customized with Sarah Jo Design calligraphy for a farm event.

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Nail Polish and Notebooks

bridal shower favors nail polish notebooks
Vanessa Tierney

Celebrants received two goodies at this event: Essie nail polish ($9.99, and Red Bubble notepads. The items coordinated with the rest of the party's color palette.

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DIY Lipstick

diy lipstick favor
Sweet Root Village

Sweet Root Village set up a DIY lipstick station for this bride-to-be's celebration.

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Mini Rosé

Lindsey Grace of Wild Native Co.

Keep the party going with individual bottles of bubby, like Chandon's sparkling rosé.

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Agate Slices

bridal shower favors agate slices keepsake
Sarandipity Photography

These The Hollow Geode agate slices were customized with Kristen Marie Design calligraphy for beautiful keepsakes.

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bridal shower favors pen
Parrish House Photos

Extra pens are always appreciated. Bonus points if they match the bridal shower's theme (think: a palm-print version for a tropical affair).

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Fans and Décor

bridal shower favors fans and decor
Megan Welker Photography

Keep everybody cool at a summertime soirée with the help of take-home fans. These woven ones came with other keepsakes: plexiglass names by Pitbulls & Posies and Anne Robin.

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Perfume Bottles

bridal shower favors perfume bottles
Lance Nicoll

Your ladies will love a new scent, especially in time for the wedding day. These bottles carried a Viktor&Rolf fragrance.

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Flower Crowns

bridal shower favors floral crowns
Kayla Tiffany Photography

Flower crowns double as favors and a bridal shower activity. Hudson Botanica provided these blooms.

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kara bridal shower candle favors
Stewart Uy Photography

Candles are a classic gift—the prettier the packaging, the better. These iridescent options were purchased at Anthropologie.

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bridal shower girls toasting
Sugar and Cloth

Dress your girls in a fun uniform. At this shower, that meant matching Sudara sweatshirts.

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Mad Wolf Photography

Sogi's Honey Bakeshop recreated this bride-to-be's Happy Menocal wedding monogram on her shower's cookie favors.

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Candles and Bracelets

bridal shower favors candles and bracelets
Jordan Galindo Photography

Guests left this fete with West Elm candles, plus pink beaded bracelets from G2G Designs.

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Ice Cream Scoopers

Mike Krautter Photography

Take-away ice cream scoopers (from Fishs Eddy) made perfect sense for this ice cream parlor-themed bridal shower.

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Bottle Openers

wedding favors
Rebecca Arthurs

Keep the booze flowing after the fact with bottle openers like these from My Wedding Favors.

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