30 Modern Wedding Invitations We Love

Photo: Chrisman Studios

We've all seen the traditional wedding invitation—plain white background, black cursive writing, and an ornate border. While there's nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, we can't blame you if you crave something a little different. Wedding standards are constantly evolving and today's invites looks starkly different from those popular in years past.

Depending on the formality level, theme, or dress code of your upcoming nuptial celebration, you might be more inclined to opt for something contemporary. Ahead, you'll find a range of modern suite inspiration that real couples used to invite attendees to their wedding. With tropical-inspired palm leaves, abstract prints, minimalist text, and muted color palettes, the following invitations are the definition of contemporary style.

Our interpretation of contemporary paper goods still includes color and plenty of detail. We were particularly taken with swirly watercolor hues, gold-foil accenting, and splashy, retro-inspired shades. But if bold isn't your style, you will find plenty of subtle suites here, too, including typographical styles that emphasize text and textural designs made to mimic marble and agate.

Ready to discover all of these unique notes for yourself? Click through for tons of inspiration. These new variations on the typical or traditional wedding paper suite might just spark an idea for your own.

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Watercolor Blend

painted modern stationery suite invitations
Pat Furey Photography

Scribbled by Stuti created these colorful invites using the watercolor shades featured on the rest of the suite's cards.

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Connect the Letters

modern invitation suite
Maria Lamb Photography

This note, by Gather and Co, was a bit of a metaphor—the letters of the couple's names were connected, symbolizing their union.

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The New Black and White

modern stationery suite
Silvius James Photography

Modernity's new neutrals—blush and gold—added softness to a punchy black-and-white suite.

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modern invitations
Anna Delores Photography

This transparent invite, by Prim & Pixie, conveyed just the basics: the couple's name, the date and time, venue location, and dress code.

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painted modern stationery suite
Rebecca Amber Photography

A rough edge gave contemporary white notes from Spread Love Events just a hint of old-world charm. The burgundy envelope—complete with a gray, merlot, and jet watercolor liner—brought it right into the 21st century.

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stationery suite
Gantes Co.

Illustrated palm and monstera leaves brought a touch of Maui to this barely-blush stationery by Odd Daughter Paper Co.

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Contemporary Crest

stationery suite
We Heart Photography

BerinMade put a spin on the traditional family crest with this French press, spectacles, wifi, and pup interpretation. It was used to top the graph paper suite (also by BerinMade) and a banner, which was hung during the reception.

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modern invitation suite photos
Les Anagnou

Photos of the couple, dressed up in wedding-style clothing, made these otherwise simple invites a bit more personal.

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Gold Swirl

gold leaf invitations
Josh Gruetzmacher

Imperfect gold foil adorned Found and Created's skinny invites, which were backed with classic love quotes.

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Mud Cloth

modern stationery suite
Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Duo

Sophia Loves Letters mixed leather with prints typically found on mud cloth to create this adventure-inspired suite.

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Mid-Century Modern Shades

modern invitations
White Woodland

Canary yellow and rust envelopes (lined with a state map) brought '70s vibes to an otherwise natural set by Saffron Avenue.

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Acrylic Slab

pink and blue modern invitation
Matthew Moore Photography

This paper suite wasn't a paper suite at all—instead, an ultra-thin acrylic square, embossed with gold lettering, did the job.

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Tissue Paper

invitation suite
Betty Clicker

The blush, cream, and cognac hues of this Goods Gang suite dressed up the straightforward, blocky text printed on the invite's translucent paper.

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painted stationery suite
Jeff Brummett Visuals

Paper & Posies added model "sketches" to this fashion-forward couple's suite—a touch that was both personal and modern.

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Serene Stationery

modern stationery suite
Jodi and Kurt

Skinny, contemporary text and a pale-blue color palette gave these notes, by Lupa and Pepi, a calming vibe.

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Teal and Cerulean

modern stationery suite
Lauren Scotti Photography

This suite's vintage welcome and post-wedding brunch cards were welcome juxtapositions to the bright modern colors and blocky text of the invite and RSVP slip.

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stationery suite
Jessica's Photography

The couple went for a minimal, all-white set by Refine Studio, but wrapped the suite in ribboned leather for a touch of warmth.

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modern invitations
Rachel Havel Photography

Tangerine Room Events and Oak + Pen combined their expertise to create this set. The moody artwork and dreamy calligraphy made for a modern suite.

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ana and damon wedding stationery suite
Shannen Natasha of The Wedding Artists Collective

This bride enlisted her squad to help with these gorgeous, simplistic invitations. Megan Lorenzo of Tiny Bones Press designed the minimalist font, while Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York illustrated the envelope liner.

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invitations and stationery
Lucy Munoz Photography

This watercolor stationery suite featured a painting of the bride and groom. Lace and Lettering created the invitations.

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Shades of Blue

modern invitations
Carmen Santorelli Photography

Sans-serif text, bright, bold blues, and a faded design made these invitations pop.

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purple watercolor wedding invitation
Sophie Epton Photography

This modern, whimsical suite featured a brushstroke of purple, but an otherwise-minimalist design.

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wedding invite
ali + julie

Chocolate Creative Design dip-dyed these one-of-a-kind invitations, which were mailed in white envelopes with eye-catching liners.

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Glitzy Glamor

modern wedding stationery
Lance Nicoll

The interesting design on this berry-and-metallic suite featured a fresh take on florals.

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Julie Paisley Photography

These edgy invites, by Designs in Paper, included patterned envelope liners, a cool font, and lots of black.

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Simple and Sweet

simple wedding invitation
Jose Villa

Taupe and white were the starring colors in this geometric stationery suite by Lazaro Press & Design.

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pink stationery suite
Krista Mason Photography

Beautiful shades of pink and purple brought refreshing color to these wedding invitations.

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wedding invite
Tec Petaja

This foil-printed and letterpressed Bliss & Bone suite was placed in a marble-printed vellum pocket.

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artsy wedding invitation
Jose Villa

From the envelope and the artwork within to the salmon seal to the unique stamps, this creative, fashionable invitation suite was certainly memorable.

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wedding invitations and stationery
Jen Dillender Photography

A quirky timeline marked with different icons made this suite fun and modern.

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