Because your groom's guys should be just as stylish as the bridesmaids.
Credit: Judy Pak

What's not to love about a summer wedding? Great weather, an abundance of in-season flowers, tons of fresh fruits and veggies for your menu, and outdoor venues perfect for your celebration. While there are tons of upsides to saying "I do" to summer nuptials, there is one thing couples should consider beforehand: What will the groom and groomsmen wear? Admittedly, it's a problem you'll have to face any season, but a summer wedding proves particularly tricky for your men's attire. Depending on the weather and venue, a traditional suit or tuxedo can be too warm while losing the jacket might be too informal.

To help pick the perfect attire for your groom and groomsmen, we asked Kirk Miller, owner and designer of menswear brand Miller's Oath, for his top men's style tips for summer weddings.

Consider the time and place when choosing your fabric.

"When working on a wedding suit, especially for summer, I think the time, place, and vibe of the wedding are very important," says Miller. "Once you understand those aspects, you can start to figure out what fabrics, color, and style will be appropriate." While there's no one right answer, he suggests thinking about whether or not it's a formal event, a beach wedding, or what time of day the celebration starts. For outdoor ceremonies, you'll want to think about lighter fabrics in lighter colors.

Think about your preferences, too.

Ensuring everyone is comfortable is important, but so are your preferences. "Do you like the way cotton or linen wrinkle? Do you like the sheen of a mohair? The look you want is achievable with many different fabrics and colors, so it's important to know what you want out of your suit," Miller says. He also suggests thinking about future wear. If your groom or groomsmen would like to use this suit for upcoming weddings or to wear to work, you'll want something more practical.

Remember it's hard to make everyone's different suits look unified.

Plenty of couples choose to let their groomsmen wear any suit they already own. While this is a kind option, remember that you'll likely never get these looks to all match. "Everyone has a different idea of color. What's dark gray or navy to some is light gray or royal blue to others," he says. "You can try to unify everyone with a single tie, but depending on how different the suit and shirt combos are, it will be tricky to make that happen." In short, if you're okay with the mismatched look, then let your guys wear a suit they already own.

Leave the brown dress shoes in your closet.

"Light brown dress shoes-even if they're leather-are not formal enough for a dark suit," Miller says. In fact, he'd like to see groomsmen stop wearing light brown shoes in general. "There are many options for a reasonable priced shoe these days, so they should find a pair of dark brown shoes for a formal occasion."


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