She likens the couple to a "Nicolas Sparks novel."
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence on Ellen
Credit: ellentube

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt recently paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres to promote their upcoming film, Passengers.

While on set, the co-stars discussed filming, and Lawrence brought up witnessing the Pratt family in action.

8 Times Chris Pratt Was #HusbandGoals

"It's so cute," the actress gushed, referencing Pratt's relationship with wife Anna Faris. She praised both Faris and the couple's son, Jack, claiming the former "is nice and hilarious" and the latter "is a genius."

As if we weren't already aware, Lawrence affirmed "they're like in love." She even went so far as to say that the husband and wife "look like a Nicholas Sparks novel." "You know when you see people that are so happy?" Lawrence joked. "It just makes you miserable."

Pratt and Faris have been happily married for seven years, and though they've already stolen our hearts, this just confirms that they're truly #relationshipgoals.


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