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Feeling confused about hotel room blocks for your wedding guests? You're not alone. There are a number of questions we're frequently asked about hotel bookings for a wedding. The one we hear most often: How many rooms do we really need to reserve for guests? Here, find the answer to this query and more.

How many rooms do we need to block for guests?

The number of rooms you'll need really depends on how many guests will be travelling, but most hotels require you to book blocks in groups of 10 or more. If the area doesn't have a lot of hotel options and you've been offered a significant discount on accommodations, it's usually best to err on the side of holding too many than too few. Just make sure you're not on the hook financially for any leftover rooms.

When should we block hotel rooms for the wedding?

If your wedding date falls within peak travel season for your destination, the earlier you book blocks the better. We'd say give it about six to nine months in advance of your wedding. You can book group blocks closer to the wedding date if you need to add more rooms later on, but it's best to sort this out early so your guests can start making travel arrangements.

Our wedding isn't a destination wedding. Do we still need to coordinate a hotel block?

It depends on your guest list, but it's likely that some of your attendees will be traveling from out of town to attend your big day. It's a common courtesy to set them up with a hotel you can vouch for. As well, you may find that you and your fiancé would like to treat yourselves to a night in a hotel following your wedding, and your wedding party might also want a place to crash just after the reception ends.

Do we have to pay for a wedding group block at a hotel?

This is entirely dependent on your hotel's contract terms. Some hotels offer courtesy holds on group bookings until a particular date (usually 30-90 days before the wedding), while others require a deposit from the couple or a penalty charge, or attrition rate, if not all of the rooms are booked. It's very important that you read your hotel block contract thoroughly and ask questions about anything you don't understand.

How many different hotels should we book room blocks at?

If you're hosting a destination wedding, three hotels in different price points should be plenty. If your wedding is local, one hotel should be fine depending on your guest list. If you have a large number of out-of-towers, three hotels may be a better bet.


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