Worried about rain on your wedding day? A drunken and tawdry toast delivered by the best man at the reception? Just remember whatever could go wrong on your big day can't be as bad as these infamous TV weddings.

Let's take a walk down the aisle and revisit five of the most cringe-worthy and gut-wrenching (and sometimes deadly) wedding fiascos ever broadcasted into our living rooms.

Game of Thrones, The Red Wedding

Pretty much every wedding on GoT ends in disaster (see: Sansa and Tyrion, Sansa and Ramsay Bolton, Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell), but the one wedding that goes down in the history books as the most awful, horrible, and depressing is the Red Wedding. The end result of the union between Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey was intended to be a strategic move by Robb Stark, but it ended with him getting a knife to the back-and the massacre of his wife and unborn baby, his mother, his dire wolf, and most of his army.

Iconic TV Wedding Dresses That Stole the Show

Friends, Emily and Ross

Who didn't fall off their couch when Ross uttered the words, "I, Ross, take thee Rachel …"?

Grey's Anatomy, Cristina and Burke

After much back and forth between Cristina Yang and Preston Burke, Burke decides to end it and walk away (and off the show). In true Grey's fashion, we learn that the wedding has been called off during a montage scene (all while Ingrid Michaelson's super-sad "Keep Breathing" plays in the background) with Meredith delivering the news to a packed church ("It's over. You can all go home. It's over.") and ending with a wedding dress-clad Cristina in her and Burke's apartment sobbing, "He's gone. I'm free."

Revenge, Emily and Daniel

Furious after discovering all the lies that his bride, Emily, has told him in order to destroy his family (including a stolen identity and a fake pregnancy), a drunk Daniel grabs a gun and shoots Emily in the stomach, causing her to plummet off a yacht into the Atlantic Ocean.

Dynasty, The Moldavian Wedding Massacre

This cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers aired over 30 years ago and still wins the award for the most insane and jaw-dropping wedding ever seen on television. Alexis's (Joan Collins) daughter Amanda is set to marry the prince of Moldavia, but before they can make it official, armed terrorists crash the ceremony (like, literally crash through the windows of the church) and open fire on all the attendees. The ending moments of the episode show all the main players sprawled out and bleeding on the floor-in all their big hair and shoulder-padded glory.


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