31 Pumpkin Ideas for Fall Weddings

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We know that autumn and pumpkins go hand in hand, but does fall's staple crop work for weddings and other nuptial-related celebrations? Believe it or not, the big, round squash is more versatile than you think. While we typically associate pumpkins with Halloween, they're suitable for more than just holiday parties. And you don't even have to wield a carving knife—the produce can be beautiful on its own or with other sorts of accents. If your wedding is a seasonal or rustic affair, nods to the farm favorite might be right up your alley. The same goes for brides and grooms who love all things pumpkin spice, or have fond memories of pumpkin-picking together or as kids.

Click through for genius inspiration for incorporating pumpkins into your wedding. These ideas go beyond the basic jack-o'-lantern. Create a pumpkin wedding centerpiece, place pumpkins on your reception tables, or use them in other details, like on your seating display or in signage. If you hope to focus on pumpkins' edible nature instead, they happen to taste great when added to festive menus—there's a reason the flavor is savored all harvest season long. Pumpkins can be whimsical or formal, glamorous or modern, and of course, slightly spooky. See all that the squash has to offer here by scrolling through for our favorite pumpkin-inspired wedding ideas.

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Pumpkin Escort Cards

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4 Eyes Photography

These metallic mini pumpkins were used in a sophisticated seating display at this wedding.

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Pumpkin Accents

pumpkin wedding decor
Vero Amore Weddings

The vibe your pumpkin decorations give off depends entirely on how you style them. Here, muted pumpkins were mixed with flowers, lanterns, a mirror, and a geometric side table.

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Pumpkin Bar Cart

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Brklyn View Photography

To easily bring the season to your bar cart, decorate it with autumn bounty.

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Pumpkin Appetizers

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Virginia Ashley Photography

How delicious did these pumpkin dishes look? Fresh, seasonal produce is hard to beat.

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Pumpkin Activity

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Jillian Michelle Photography

At this wedding, young guests were kept occupied with a pumpkin-decorating station. The simple, fun activity required just mini squashes and crayons.

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Pumpkin Drink Cooler

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Heidi Calma Photography

Serve drinks (like seasonal ciders or pumpkin ales) in a hollowed-out pumpkin filled with ice.

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Pumpkin Place Setting

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Emily Sacco

This surprisingly-glamorous place setting had a warm, fall-appropriate color palette.

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Pumpkin Signage

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Brklyn View Photography

This wedding's signs looked like they came straight out of a welcoming pumpkin farm.

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Pumpkin Bowls

Initialed Pumpkin

Hollowed pumpkins can be used as pretty, flavorful, biodegradable bowls.

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Pumpkin Aisle Decorations

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Anagram Photo

At this wedding, the aisle was lined with unique, colorful pumpkins.

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Pumpkin Centerpieces

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Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

Decorate the centers of your reception tables with pumpkins rather than garlands or table runners.

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Pumpkin Ceremony

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Tanja Lippert Photography

Incorporate a pumpkin into your wedding ceremony, like this couple did, complete with a monogram.

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Hanging Pumpkins

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Gayle Driver Photography

These little pumpkins were tied and hung beside chairs on this wedding's aisle.

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Pumpkin Initials

Apple Barrel Escort Cards

In planning their autumnal wedding, this couple kept the fall décor primarily subliminal. But that didn't stop them from including a pair of pumpkins—two blue-gray gourds of the heirloom variety that had their initials carved from the skin.

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Pumpkin Pie


What could be cuter than these mini pecan and pumpkin pies, complete with pie-crust leaves?

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Monogram Pumpkin Vase

Initialed Pumpkin
Anusha Rajeswaran

Your initial thought won't be to shriek upon seeing this sophisticated pumpkin cachepot, bearing the newlywed couple's monogram and offering a seasonally appropriate vessel for displaying a lush autumn flower arrangement.

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Glittered Pumpkins


Mystical or magical? These glittered pumpkins bring sparkle to tables and serving areas—and they last for a long time, so you can make them well before your big day.

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Scattered Pumpkins

Rebecca Amber Photography

White pumpkins—which perfectly complemented the flower arrangements—were placed throughout this reception for a festive feel.

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Lacy Pumpkins

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Aaron Dyer

Black lace leaves a chic trace on a pumpkin. Create an instant and intricate pattern with nothing more than a pair of stockings and a can of spray paint. Take note, last-minute decorators: The how-to takes just 15 minutes, and no carving is required.

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Pumpkin Cake Topper

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Love Me Do Photography

Drenched in maple syrup and coated in maple frosting, this decadent pumpkin naked cake featured a dainty on-theme topper.

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Toadstool Pumpkins

Initialed Pumpkin

Assemble a whimsical, woodsy scene to mark the entryway to a reception space with these not-so-poisonous mushrooms, made from crown pumpkins and butternut, delicata, and carnival squashes.

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Pumpkin Vessel


Place an assortment of autumnal blooms in the shell of a pumpkin for a look that's seasonal and creative.

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Patterned Pumpkins

Initialed Pumpkin

Conjure the past with these pale Lumina pumpkins, carved freehand, to mimic the openwork of 18th-century pierced creamware dishes.

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Pumpkin Bread Pudding


Individual servings of this cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin custard, brioche bread, and bourbon-soaked raisin dessert are as sweet as they are seasonally-appropriate.

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Pumpkin Silhouettes

Initialed Pumpkin

A newlywed pair pose in profile. These pumpkins are carefully carved so that their curved stems stand in opposing arabesques.

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Celestial Pumpkins

Anna Williams

What awaits guests in the darkness? Pumpkin lanterns that delightfully brighten up an evening affair. Drill tiny holes into each one, then use strings of white lights to illuminate them.

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Pumpkin Soup


At this real wedding, pumpkin and roasted-chesnut soup was served in—you guessed it—mini hollowed pumpkins. The dish was topped with a sprinkle of toasted pumpkin seeds.

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Pumpkin Path

Initialed Pumpkin

These pumpkins lined the ceremony venue's parking lot, but they'd look just as lovely weaving up and down the aisle.

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Pumpkin Tiramisu


Each spoonful of this chocolate and pumpkin purée treat is guaranteed to please.

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Pumpkin Walkway

Initialed Pumpkin
Rebecca Fishman for Birds of a Feather

Outdoor stairs look autumnal and dreamy when pumpkins and candles are added to each step.

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Pumpkin Spice

Jose Villa

How could we forget fall's favorite flavor? Favorite Cakes baked this sweet confection, which had alternating layers of lemon and blackberry and pumpkin spice and pumpkin cream.

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