It depends on the type of wedding you're hosting.
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If you're planning a destination wedding, or if you have a long list of guests traveling for your celebration, including a city guide on your wedding website is a great way to share information about your favorite local spots and introduce your loved ones to the area where you'll say "I do." From photos of the region to touristy places worth seeing, here's a guide to what you'll want to include.


If you've selected a beautiful destination for your wedding-especially one that you and your fiancé have visited before-include a few personal photos of the area on your website. This is a great way to get your guests excited about their upcoming trip and subtly encourages them to book their travel.

Favorite Local Hangouts

You'll definitely want to include a list of your favorite local restaurants, bars, boutique shops, and hangout spots in your city guide. It's a thoughtful gesture to share a link to the business when you can, or an address if it's a spot without a website. You might also include a little blurb about each spot, saying something like, "The fish tacos at Gloria's are the best in town, and this is a great place to grab a sunset margarita," or "Central Park was where John proposed. Pack a picnic and recreate the experience."

Tourist Attractions Worth Seeing

While your guests may have an idea of what they'll want to see locally, your recommendations and input can be really helpful for them, especially if they don't have a ton of time to hit all the attractions. You can include everything from local museums and historic architecture to hidden waterfalls and secret swimming holes. If there's anything touristy you find overrated, let your guests know by listing it as an option and including a note about your own experience there.

Links to Travel Info

If you've come across any great blog posts or online articles about the area where you're hosting your wedding, your website is a great place to share that information. You might also consider adding in links to city guides from travel magazines with info and tips.

Handy Local Suppliers

Links to local taxi companies, kayak rentals, adventure tour specialists, and more can all be listed on your wedding website. In this day and age, most guests choose to travel without a tour guide, so the more information you can provide that'll help them get out and explore during your wedding weekend, the better.


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