You may want to skip the singles table in favor of one of these ideas.
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You probably have plenty of single friends you're planning to invite to your wedding, but they may not know each other or anyone else attending your reception. While they're likely happy to be on their own and will surely mingle with other attendees throughout the course of the evening, there are a few things you can do as host to make their experience more comfortable.

Offer a Plus-One

Giving your single friends the option of bringing a guest is an easy way to ensure they're able to enjoy the day without feeling like a lone ranger. They can use their discretion as to whether they'd like to bring a friend, a new love interest, or roll solo, but this gives them the chance to decide how they'd like their experience to play out.

Introduce Them to a Few Mutual Friends Before the Wedding

If you're struggling with tight numbers and can't offer for your single friends to bring a guest along to your wedding, you might consider introducing them to a few people beforehand. Ask them along on a brunch with the girls, or invite them to a dinner party at your house. Once they have one or two people they can identify at your wedding as acquaintances, they'll feel more comfortable and relaxed about the overall experience.

Seat Single Friends Smartly

Some couples opt to put all the singles in the same area at a wedding in hopes that they'll introduce themselves, but that scenario tends to feel uncomfortable. Instead, consider seating them with couples and other friends you think they'd get along nicely with. If there's a couple from the same town your friend is from, that's a great match. If you just know two of the single women would make great friends following the wedding, tell them a little about each other before the big day and seat them together. A wedding really isn't the time to start playing matchmaker for love interests, but it is a great time to introduce (or re-introduce) friends and family.

Seating Single Family Members

Your solo family members will want to hang with the rest of their family for the evening. Sure, they'll mingle with your friends and hopefully make some new friends in the process, but make sure they have a home base with relatives during the reception. While the intention is nice, singling them out to sit with strangers could be more intimidating for them than not.

Play the Good Host Card

Looking out for your single friends at your wedding is important. You don't need to babysit them or take them around to introduce them to everyone, but it's good to make checking in with them a priority. Ask how they've done with meeting people and find out who they've met so far. Encourage them to get on the dance floor with you. The best thing you can do for your single friends is make them feel included, and the only way to do that is to personally reach out at some point during the wedding celebration.


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