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French girls seem to do everything with ease-from their timeless, unfussy style, to their unrestricted, uncomplicated eating habits, these chic and sophisticated women do as they please. When getting ready for a wedding, it's quite similar. "Americans tend to plan a lot more than the French. This of course is a generalization, but French weddings are simpler affairs, and in terms of preparing, they typically do what they do in their everyday lives, just amplified a bit more," says Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, creator of French Girl Organics. "They really just give themselves a month to get into a good place, both mentally and physically, and to get into a pampering state of mind." Here are eight fuss-free ways for brides-to-be to prep just like the French girls (no cleanses, in-office appointments, or fitness boot camps required).

Practice self-care, light.

You don't need to head to a silent meditation camp, just take time for yourself every day in little ways. "Try sitting outside and listening to music when drinking your morning coffee or tea; tune back into yourself," Griffin-Grimes says. "Or slow down with friends and go out to lunch-but don't talk about the wedding. There are so many wedding-related events the month before, it's nice to find a few times a week to get your mind off of it."

Add facial massages into your beauty regimen.

It may not seem like much, but regular facial massages can improve circulation and release tension. "There are some lovely tutorials out there, but my favorites are by celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. Our company makes a Facial Oil Elixir that works wonderfully with a massage," Griffin-Grimes says. "Do it four or five times a week, just for five minutes."

Hydrate, inside, outside, and every side.

You hear this all of the time. but it's not just about gulping down glass of water after glass of water. "Even if you have oily skin, the French know you always have to keep moisturized with toners, serums, and richer creams at night," Griffin-Grimes says. "And along the way, make sure you're getting hydration not just from drinking water but also by eating fruits and vegetables; they're different types of water that your body takes in. That's key." Try misting on her Floral Toner or Jurlique's Rosewater Balancing Mist throughout the day.

Use a facial mask on more than just your face.

Apply a face mask once or twice a week (whether you choose something brightening, hydrating, or purifying is up to you), and make sure to apply it on your décolletage or anywhere your skin will be showing with your dress. And do it even if it doesn't show-French girls make sure to care for their bodies, too, not just their faces.

Pay attention to your nails.

If they're high maintenance about one thing, it's manicured nails-whether or not they're actually wearing nail polish. Use a cuticle oil for daily maintenance, and make sure to book your day-of mani/pedi well in advance so you can check that off your list.

Learn how to apply your fragrance so it leaves a subtle, but lasting, scent.

"I started out as a perfumer and an aromatherapist, and from a young age in France, your sense of smell is very developed," Griffin-Grimes says. "The trick is to not overdose yourself with fragrance. Use an oil or solid perfume on your pulse points, even the backs of your knees. Put that on an hour or two before your wedding, and then maybe half an hour before the ceremony, spray an eau de toilette above your head and just walk into it. I wouldn't do it with an eau de parfum because it's too strong, but an eau de toilette is light. It gets in your hair and that's really nice, because fragrance lasts a while in your hair."

Don't sweat the small stuff.

"We say forget perfect and find a level of imperfection you can deal with," Griffin-Grimes says. "Less structured hair and makeup will work so much better on your wedding anyway, because you'll feel comfortable in your own skin. Really, you'd maybe just use a salt spray for waves, or, if you have dry hair, a nourishing oil a few days before your wedding. Hair and makeup doesn't have to be perfect."

And finally, don't crash diet.

"They're very conscious about not overeating," Griffin-Grimes says. "You may think everyone's eating croissants and cheese all day long, but they don't eat a lot at one time. It's just something that's part of the culture-meals are longer and slower," Griffin-Grimes says. Confidence is also common among French girls: "They're not trying to drastically change their body type. Everyone has beautiful attributes and that's what you need to focus on. They're comfortable in their own skin, and you can't learn that overnight-it takes time to cultivate that attitude, but it's probably the most important thing of all."


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