Behind every great Insta is the hubby who took it.
Credit: Beylite via Instagram

With a title like highest-paid celebrity couple, a BeyHive as vast as Beyoncé's, and a daughter as cute as Blue, it's hard to be seen as "normal." But like the true power couple they are, Bey and Jay give celeb stardom a run for its money. Proof: the Internet's most recent obsession with the elevator photo that not only showed Bey looking #flawless, but the reflection of her personal photographer (aka Jay) in the background. From candid family shots sprawled across to the ever-adorable Instagrams the singer, mom, and wife posts on her feed, we get a glimpse into the family's everyday life that makes them way more human, and, dare we say it, more like us.

Parents, marrieds, and daters alike-rejoice in the knowledge that you channel your inner Beyoncé and Jay Z every day. Ahead, silly, sweet, and even awkward photos of America's favorite internet-breaking couple that show they're not all that different from you and me.

Celebrity Power Couples That Give Us #RelationshipGoals

They know it takes teamwork to achieve the perfect photo-op.

We are all Beyoncé in this hilarious snapshot, asking our devoted S.O. for a helping hand when we're really feelin' ourselves.

They shamelessly post awkward/sweet Instagram selfies together.

Nothing says true love like a close-up of a forehead kiss.

Even they can't resist a family ice cream truck outing.

And a Spongebob treat at that-Blue, you get us.

Blue Ivy's Birthday Party Gave Us Serious Bridal Shower Inspo

They don't take themselves too seriously when they're together.

Even idol Bey isn't afraid to get sand in her hair.

They love a good wine night.

Amen to that sweet sunset buzz.

And they live for cheesy family photos.

See, mom and dad aren't so bad.


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