Plus, tips to ensure yours is a hit.

By Aleesha Thomas
June 13, 2018
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Credit: Ava Moore

You're the star of the bridal shower, but you still want to ensure that your guests are enjoying their time, too. Unfortunately, what's fun for you (opening gifts!) isn't always as enjoyable for your family and friends. To make sure your pre-wedding party is a hit with attendees, we talked with Alliey Weichelt of Sash and Bow Wedding Planning. She clued us in on what guests dread most about a bridal shower, then offers her tips on how to make it better for everyone.

A party that's way too long.

If your bridal shower is heading into its fifth hour, your party has been going on too long and guests will be looking for the exit. "Even if the party is running over, guests will feel rude leaving early," advises Weichelt. To avoid this, set a firm end time on your invitations, then set a schedule and stick to it. Your bridal shower should be somewhere between two and four hours long.

A party on an inconvenient day of the week.

It's hard for most people to attend a mid-week party, so try your best to plan a Saturday or Sunday shower. But be mindful of any holiday weekends that your guests may prefer to enjoy at home, adds the pro. "This is when people are usually spending time with their families," says Weichelt.

A party with an ungrateful bride.

Remember that your guests have spent time and money to focus all of their attention on you. "Nobody likes an ungrateful bride," says Weichelt. "Make sure you take the time to walk around the room and talk with everyone and express your gratitude. You don't want your guests to leave feeling like they didn't get to spend time with you, especially if they bought you an expensive gift."


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