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elizabeth sohale wedding dominican republic shell escort cards
Photo: KT Merry

These mediums bring a touch of the bohemian to your celebration.

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elizabeth sohale wedding dominican republic shell escort cards
KT Merry

If you're searching for a way to bring earthy touches to your wedding décor, look to materials made from natural sources. If you were planning a rustic event, you might lean towards unfinished, oaky woods, but if you're preparing for a bohemian-inspired affair, you'll want to bookmark rattan, a beachy medium created from thin, pliable palm stems. To incorporate the trendy wood look-alike into your big day, you'll likely have to visit your furniture rental vendor (this material is typically used for household wares). There are, however, smaller (and bigger!) ways to make this boho-chic motif appropriate for any wedding.

That's why we've rounded up a broad range of rattan—and its modern-day woven derivatives, like jute, straw, and wicker!—wedding ideas for your perusal. While plenty of these accents revolve around furniture (think ceremony and reception chairs), we were particularly intrigued by the unexpected touches. Note how one couple worked with Easton Events to create this seating chart, which was backed by woven seagrass; another pair passed out straw fans to keep their guests cool during their outdoor service. Rattan-framed mirrors, overhead chandeliers, and chargers were just as noteworthy.

This particular wedding trend has an interesting source (one that connects this style to other up-and-coming wedding trends). Rattan first became a hit across interior design before migrating over to the wedding scene. Ultimately, this makes sense, since more and more couples are attempting to work their home aesthetics into their big-day décor. If rattan has a place in your house, it can absolutely have a place at your wedding. Click through to see how to make it work.

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Woven Fan

elizabeth sohale wedding dominican republic invitation suite
KT Merry

Believe it or not, these woven fans are actually lightweight enough to accompany boxed wedding invitations. That's exactly what this couple did—the interesting add-in, called a buri fan, was a nod to their destination wedding's location (the Dominican Republic).

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Jute Rugs

vicky james mexico beach lounge pillows
Jodi & Kurt Photography

Jute mats instantly transform a sandy setting into one that's more living room-inspired. Consider this set-up for a wedding welcome party or rehearsal dinner (and be sure to present fluffy white pillows for maximum comfort).

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Natural Table

vicky james mexico floor pillows beach table
Jodi & Kurt Photography

A woven moment doesn't have to be the focal point on a tablescape. Note how Heirloom Catering & Event Design added a layer of texture with these jute rounds, which acted as the base of an otherwise minimalist tropical tabletop.

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Table Accents

turks and caicos shoot erich mcvey tablescape brown plates rattan florals
Erich McVey

Note the two woven moments on this natural tabletop, curated by The Lake Como Wedding Planner: the intricate chargers and rattan lantern. Both bring unexpected dimension and texture.

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Welcome Bag

elizabeth sohale wedding dominican republic beach welcome bag
KT Merry

If you're getting hitched on the beach, a woven tote (and hand fan!) makes for an on-theme welcome bag.

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Welcome Picnic Basket

welcome basket
Joel Serrato

Planning a garden party, instead? Keep your welcome gift's woven element, but alter its design—a loaded picnic basket, like this one by Tory Smith, is the perfect option.

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Balloon Arch Accents

rose gold wedding ideas balloon arch
Angus Porter by DKC

Here's a way offset ultra-modern décor with rattan, a medium that's decidedly more down-to-earth. Pair a rose gold balloon arch, like this one by Signed By Bird, with woven side tables and portable lanterns for a natural-meets-contemporary installation.

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Rattan Mirror

stephanie jared wedding seating chart
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

This seating chart by Lovelyfest Event Design is proof that blending tropical and bohemian motifs is absolutely possible. Note how the rattan-ringed mirror plays prettily with the palm wall paper and subtly references the pampas grass arrangement (presented in a macramé-wrapped vase!) below.

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Ceremony Aisle Rug

Aisle with Peach Colored Rugs
Lauren Fair Photography

Break up a vintage rug-lined aisle with a contemporary round jute option for a fun juxtaposition of the old and the new.

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Dark-Toned Chargers

wedding placesetting
Joel Serrato

Rattan often comes in different shades. This one's darker stain works nicely with richer color palettes, like this Brooke Keegan Special Events tabletop's slate and coral hues.

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Rattan Chairs

Chair Backs with Tropical Palms and Ferns
Sean Cook Weddings

Though vintage rattan chairs make statements all on their own, banana and palm leave sprays kick things up a notch.

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Lounge Décor

woven rattan wedding decor ottoman atop white fur rug at outdoor lounge area
The Grovers

We love this multi-layered lounge by Amorology—the team used Found Rentals' faux-fur rugs, velvet couches, and gold-accented arm chairs to bring this dimensional lounge to life. The pièce de résistance? The jute pouf.

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Space Divider

woven rattan wedding decor room divider decorated with pink balloons and palm leaves
GingerSnap Photography

Make like Orange Trunk and add extra height to a space divider with a bright balloon installation, interspersed with protea and monstera leaves.

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Basket Weave

woven rattan wedding decor placemat with palm leaf patterned napkin
Hugo Coelho

These brown basket-weave chargers, which were arranged on a tabletop by My Fancy Wedding, pair well with the moody black dinner plates.

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Fruit Station

woven rattan wedding decor shelves with titki glasses and fruit
Laura Goldenberger Photography

Double up on this style by packing a rattan shelf with woven baskets. As demonstrated by this sweet set-up, which used pieces from Pow Wow Vintage Rentals, the décor makes for the ultimate fruit (or fresca!) station.

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Modern Reception Seating

woven rattan wedding decor chairs around table decorated with white roses
Jen Rodriguez

Here's the problem with these rattan chairs, from Elan Event Rentals—once your guests sit down in them, you'll be hard-pressed to get them back onto the dance floor (they're that cool).

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woven rattan wedding decor lighting fixtures
Sara Monika

These rattan, bell-shaped chandeliers are total game changers—they prove that woven décor can supersede the tablescape to add a natural touch overhead.

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Ceremony Arch

woven rattan wedding decor ceremony arch decorated with roses
Jen Rodriguez

A rattan ceremony arch is pretty enough on its own. Incorporate a dramatic, peony-filled garland—like this one by Unique Floral Design—however, and you'll have one of the best ceremony decorations any of your guests have ever seen.

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Mixed Elements

tablescape with rattan accents and tropical floral arrangements
Purple Tree Wedding Photography

We love the mix-and-match look to this tablescape, styled by Save The Date Weddings. In addition to the gold flatware, moody black accents, and greenery-centric centerieces, the table also featured two woven elements: Party Society rattan chairs and braided jute chargers.

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