What would you do if it happened to you?!
Credit: Bryan Gardner

Four days before her wedding, Mikayla Skloven realized UPS lost her wedding dress. Skloven bought her dress in New York, where she currently lives, and paid $170 for UPS to ship it to her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona where she is getting married this weekend. It was supposed to arrive Monday.

"Usually they're a day late, so I wasn't that concerned," Skloven told a local news station in Scottsdale. "Tuesday, when it still didn't arrive, that's when I got worried." When she called, she says she was told, "It looks like your dress is lost."

"That's when I freaked out," she says.

Thankfully a quick trip to Nordstrom fixed the major issue. "They had pulled every dress in their store in my size," she says. "I found a dress that I love, that's beautiful."

Worried about getting your wedding dress safely to your destination? Follow our tips and avoid a similar nightmare:

Travel by Car

To minimize wrinkling, take the largest vehicle you can. Fold the back seats down and cover them with a sheet; then lay out the dress, extending the skirt as far as possible.

Carry It On

If you're flying, it's safer to take your dress, shoes, and undergarments with you. "You shouldn't ever check your wedding attire," says bridal consultant JoAnn Gregoli, of Elegant Occasions by JoAnn Gregoli in New York City. That goes for your gown, the groom's suit, and the attendants' outfits; everyone should carry-on their clothes.

Not all airlines allow this, so only purchase tickets from one that does. Call the airline ahead of time and let them know you're bringing your wedding dress with you. Ask what arrangements they can make, particularly if you have to change to a small plane with little storage space. You should also plan to take with you any beauty products and accessories you intend to wear rather than risk not being able to find them at your destination.

Pack It Like You're Preserving It

It's best to pack your dress as if for preservation: Stuff the bodice, skirt, and sleeves with pH-neutral tissue paper and place the gown in a tissue-lined archival box. To prevent sharp creases, fold the dress in a Z-shape and laying it on a bed of more crumpled tissue paper.


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