The best workouts for you—and your partner—to do together.
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Chances are you and your fiancé plan to get in even better shape for your wedding. Why not sweat it out together? It's a proven fact that couples who team up to work out are more likely to achieve their fitness goals than those who go at it solo. "It's an opportunity for couples to bond as they motivate each other," says Julie Leonard, a master trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in New York City. "They also learn to communicate and trust in a different way than they do day to day." So why don't more couples get fit in tandem? Leonard believes separate interests are to blame for the divide. "In a lot of cases they come to the gym together, but she heads to cardio floor and the guy goes straight to the weights area." The key to changing this pattern is finding an activity that plays to both your workout styles. We've come up with a few exercise ideas for getting a killer bod-and strengthening your partnership.

The Best Workouts for Every Wedding Dress

You Love: Cardio

He Loves: Weight Training


Short for High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT is the hot new thing in fitness because of its potential to torch maximum amount of calories in a minimum amount of time. The idea is you do short periods of all-out work, followed by short, active rest periods. This makes your body work harder than when you spend continuous time on the treadmill or elliptical. "HIIT incorporates strength and cardio that will appeal to this couple," points out Leonard, and it has the added benefit of boosting your metabolism.

You Love: Yoga

He Loves: Rock Climbing

Try: Trapeze Class

Get your circus on while toning that upper body. This class will play to your penchant for flexibility training and his affinity for agility challenges. Working with a bar hung from the ceiling, trapeze training focuses on your upper body and core muscles. You'll do pull-ups, planks, and a series of spins-all designed to test (and tone) your triceps, biceps, and leg strength. As you fly through the air with the greatest of ease (we hope), you'll also build your trust and timing skills.

You Love: Cardio Dance Classes

He Loves: Running

Try: SoulCycle

People continue to be obsessed with this indoor cycling class, and you both will be, too. Why? Because it's the perfect blend of your workout faves-rockstar moves and high-intensity action. "It's a very dynamic full body experience in an intimate setting," explains Rachel Warren, a fitness expert, professional dancer, and SoulCycle instructor. "I have couples who ride with me religiously and they have a real team energy." SoulCycle classes feature superfast peddling, while using the handlebars to perform push-ups, crunches, and other challenging exercises all to a seriously dope soundtrack and mood lighting. Think club vibe meets heart-thumping cardio. Many liken it to dancing on a bike. "Even though you're not on the same bike, you ride in unison with your partner," says Warren. "So you're naturally in tune with each other." And just when you feel you can't climb another hill or do another sprint, the instructor slows things down and leads you through a quick hand-weights routine (most people use 2 or 3 lbs). Get ready for shoulder presses, hammer curls, and triceps dips. All in all, it's a head-to-toe workout with-wait for it-soul.

You Love: Barre

He Loves: Bootcamp

Try: Power Yoga

Capitalize on your shared affinity for tough, targeted sweat sessions with this yoga discipline that kicks your arm, abs, and butt into shape. It takes basic yoga moves and amps them up with the addition of lightweights, blocks, and balls. Suddenly, chair pose is even more challenging. The class is fast-paced (think Vinyasa style), and offers other adrenalin-inducing exercises like jumping jacks and mountain climbers-serious cardio your guy is sure to enjoy.

You'll appreciate the intense sculpting poses for maximum toning and calorie burn. Now bear in mind, this is still a yoga class at its core, so be prepared to focus on breath and alignment. Of course, you'll also get to experience a welcomed, restful Savasana at the end.


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