Whatever you do, don't panic.

By Sara Dickinson
June 04, 2019
Credit: Hero Images / Getty Images

After you've selected and purchased your dream wedding dress, you'll likely wait a few months while the designer produces it based on the measurements your consultant provided. Once the dress arrives at the salon, it's time to schedule your fittings to make sure it fits like a glove on the big day. The number of fittings you have ultimately depends on a variety of different factors-some brides will need just one to get the look right, while others will need to schedule a multiple appointments. Regardless of how many rounds of alterations you go through, the goal is for your wedding dress to look like it was made just for you by the time the final fitting comes around. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Whether your body has fluctuated, you've chosen to wear shorter heels, or you decide you want to change the fit, what happens if your wedding dress doesn't fit as it should during your final fitting?

First and foremost, don't stress out. Anna Walsh, owner of anna bé bridal boutique, says, "The gown can most likely be taken in or let out, so the best thing to do is avoid panicking, be flexible with your schedule, and plan on spending a little extra time at your final fitting in the event that this happens!" And though Walsh's advice to plan for a little extra time around what's intended to be your final fitting is important, Mark Ingram, owner of Mark Ingram Atelier, reminds us that it's not often a bride will find her gown doesn't fit at this appointment. Even so, it is still a fitting, and alterations can always be done to achieve the dream look. "After the final fitting, there is normally a final try-on appointment," he says, "If, at the final try-on, there are still fitting issues, it may be because of sudden and drastic weight loss or gain by the bride. In that case, the bride will have to try and coordinate an additional fitting with her salon or an outside alterations specialist."

The most important piece of advice is to communicate with your tailor at every fitting, especially if you're planning on losing weight. If you want the gown to offer a bit more coverage in the chest area, speak up. Leave it to the professionals to help you get the look just right. Lanie List, founder of Lovely Bride, says, "Most tailors are experts at getting your dress to fit like a glove. In the off chance that it still has some wiggle room, ask for further alterations. It's pretty simple to take in seams along the side. If it's a bit snug, don't fret. There are great shapewear options that can slim you instantly!"

Whether you've found that your dress is too big, too small, or too long at your final fitting, the best thing you can do is take a moment to breathe, speak with the professionals, and discuss further alteration options. At the end of the day, you'd be surprised what a few safety pins can do to tighten a gown, and what fabric tape or different heels can do to fix a length issue should any additional changes be entirely impossible.


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